Author Topic: Hot or Cold!?! & will Medicare accept your products!  (Read 15677 times)


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Hot or Cold!?! & will Medicare accept your products!
« on: February 27, 2016, 08:00:55 PM »
I am 68 yrs old. I have had OsteoArthritis for many years. I'm sorry this is long!

I have been, on & off, a BlackJack Dealer at casinos since 2000. This last year, 2015, I had to take off for 2 surgeries! I put it off for a long time, & finally gave in, I had more pain than I could stand. One on my back, & the other Hip Replacement.

I took off for Medical leave, thinking I would be off for 2-4 months. The first surgery did not take care of the problem. 3 & a half months later I had the Hip Replacement. I have to admit that the surgery took care of the problem! Although I will never be the same again, movement wise etc.

Regardless, not realizing that Dealing was actually exercising my shoulders & arms. When I took off for what wind up being  almost a year without working.  Meanwhile I was using my arms/shoulders to support myself from the discomfort on the hip , to sit down, to get up etc.(before the surgeries). Now I'm almost healed from both of my surgeries, but my shoulders started to hurt a few months ago.

The Hip surgeons sent me to Physical Therapy for 2 months to see if that helped. I did get stronger!! I was exercising w/ the 'bands' & I went from 'Yellow, the easiest of them, to Red, to Green, to Blue!’ so it was obvious that I was getting stronger, but I kept hurting, some days worse than others.

Surgeon sent me to another Orthopedic doctor for that type of injury. I was X-Rayed & the Orthopedic doctor said that both of my Rotator Cuffs are damage. The Right RC is almost all gone. They will eventually do an MRI to see the specifics of the injuries.

Many years ago I have had an RC injury & exercising it to strengthen the muscles around it I recouped! He agreed to try to strengthen the muscles around it so this new Orthopedic doctor is 'sending me back to Physical Therapy!' but I'm hesitant because…….. I went on vacation for 2 weeks after going to the PT the Surgeon send me to, & I didn't exercised at all, and I noticed the pain eased a lot!! Then I found you by 'accident' (I know, there are no accidents/coincidences:-). And when I read in your web site that "I NEED TO REST SO THE INJURY WILL HEAL!!", I have to say I agree, because of what happened during my vacation.

So my QUESTION to you is. To start w/ your Products on my shoulders!! WHICH IS BETTER? HOT OR COLD!?! For some reason I tend to think is the hot!! that would be good for my injuries!!

What is your advice!?! And ALSO, does the same product work for both shoulders, or are they specific Right or Left!?

Another important QUESTION. I saw that you say you don’t take Health Insurance. However, there are Claim Forms that I can try to get my money back from my insurance, doing all the right steps to apply etc. 
So my QUESTION is:

Not working for a year has drained all my savings, and there is not way I can afford your products! But I can try to see if the family can help me buy, at least one of the shoulder products.

Thank you for your time, I apologize this is so long! Sincerely, Connie Cala


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Re: Hot or Cold!?! & will Medicare accept your products!
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2016, 09:50:11 PM »
Thank you so much for your interest in King Brand Connie!

So sorry to hear about all of the issues you have faced, and now you are dealing with Rotator Cuff injuries in your shoulders.

We do have products that will help to heal your Rotator Cuff injuries.  We have recently launched new Shoulder Wraps that target the RC area where you have pain.  First, as you mentioned, REST is very important!  RC injuries are chronic and can be re-injured very easily with even the smallest amount of stretching, movement or even by picking up something that seems light-weight.

Next, we recommend ColdCure to help relieve pain and inflammation.  Once the pain has decreased by using the ColdCure Wraps, then you would move on to the BFST Wrap.

BFST stands for Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy and uses Electromagnetic Energy to increase blood flow to help you heal quickly.  We recommend a 20 minute BFST treatment first thing in the morning, last thing at night before bed and 1 or 2 other times throughout the day.  If you over-use or strain the shoulder, do a ColdCure treatment and then wait at least 45 minutes before doing another BFST treatment.  If you decide to go back to Physical Therapy in the future, do a BFST treatment before Physio and then a ColdCure treatment after!

The new shoulder wraps we have recently launched are called the Top Shoulder BFST Wrap and the Top Shoulder ColdCure Wrap.  They are right and left side specific, but can be worn on both shoulders; order the side that you have the most issues with.  The other shoulder will be harder to get the wrap on and off, but it can be done!

Here is a link with more information about the Top Shoulder Wraps:

As to your question about insurance: some private medical plans do cover the BFST and ColdCure products.  There are billing codes that you can use to call your insurance to see if you would be covered.   The codes are as follows:

E0210 for any BFST product

A9273 for any ColdCure product

Hope this helps!  Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information or assistance.