Author Topic: Any experience using King Brand BFST for healing partial tear of rotator cuff?  (Read 16055 times)


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I am 60 years old, weigh 168 pounds and injured my right shoulder playing tennis in late February 2015.    My MRI results on April 20, 2015:

- partial articular surface tear of supraspinatus tendon involving 50% - 60% tendon thickness and measuring 9 mm in AP dimensions
- lower grade articular surface tear of the superior fibers of the subscapularis tendon
- degenerative signal in the superior labrum without evidence for a tear
- mild acromioclavicular osteoarthiritis

I currently have very little pain except when I attempt to swing a tennis racket overhead or swim laps in a pool.   The doctor has suggested I start physical therapy to see if I can strengthen the healthy tendons and restore my strength and full motion in the shoulder.    His other option is to perform arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery on the partial tear. During surgery, he expects to either "smooth out" the partially torn area, or the torn rotator cuff tissue will be sewn back to the bone.

I really want to achieve a full heal to restore my shoulder to it's pre-injury state and continue playing tennis and my fitness routine of daily swimming.    Is this possible with the physical therapy and using the King Brand Cold Cure and BFST (lst option above)?   Or, am I just postponing the inevitable and I need to get started immediately with arthroscopic surgery?    Any first-hand experience from patients having a similar partial tear rotator cuff injury and opted for the non-surgical approach to heal will be appreciated

Thanks in advance