Author Topic: Forearm pain/wrist and golfers elbow  (Read 116 times)


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Forearm pain/wrist and golfers elbow
« on: November 30, 2021, 10:04:30 AM »

I have inured myself from playing the bass guitar incorrectly (left hand gripping too hard, possibly awkwardly bent wrist) and right arm with over bent wrist plucking strings too hard. My left wrist first hurt then unbelievable pain in my left forearm. It feels like golfers elbow and the inside of the forearm from elbow to wrist (especially before the wrist palm side up in my forearm hurts SO bad. The right wrist and upper inside forearm more toward the wrist is also very painful. I have taken almost 5 weeks off from playing and resting, using ice packs and compression but no relief. It feels almost like the pain in both forearms is getting worse.

Which would be best for my forearm pain? Should I get the elbow wrap for left arm that I think is probably golfers elbow? And the wrist wrap for my right forearm and wrist? It’s kinda pricey to get both kinds of both cold cure wraps and BFST along with tape (not sure if I need 2 rolls) but I’m pretty upset about this since I was only playing at all for 2 months (Just started learning) and it’s so painful even at rest, both right & left wrists and forearms.