Author Topic: Metatarsalgia Caused By Morton's Neuroma  (Read 10345 times)


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Metatarsalgia Caused By Morton's Neuroma
« on: June 27, 2014, 10:04:40 AM »
I have Metatarsalgia in my left foot, which was brought on by my Morton's Neuroma. I can see how your ColdCure Foot Wrap would be good for my pain and inflammation, but was curious if your BFST Plantar Wrap would help my conditions at all?


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Re: Metatarsalgia Caused By Morton's Neuroma
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2014, 01:06:49 AM »
Hi Lefty,

Metatarsalgia is mostly caused and commonly aggravated by cramping of the Metatarsal Bones which then pinch nerves between the bones causing inflammation of the nerves. You are correct that cold therapy will help to reduce the inflammation and thus the pain as well. Avoiding any shoes or motions with your feet that cause this cramping will also help to keep the inflammation down.

If the nerve has become damaged then the BFST will heel the nerve through greater circulation. However as your case of Metatarsalgia is caused by Morton’s Neuroma; excessive growth and thickening of the nerve, I would recommend that you consult a doctor as the BFST while stimulating healing can stimulate further growth.

Our foot products are designed for heel and plantar ailments and consequently may not cover the Metatarsal region (the pad of the foot).  The gels in the ColdCure Foot product, as well as the energy web in the BFST Foot product are 8.75” long starting from the heal, you may lose a ¼” as the components slightly curl up the back of the heel. For this reason I would suggest measuring your feet from the heel to the pad. If this measurement is greater than 8.5” than I would suggest the Wrist wraps in which the components are also 8.5” in length however they sit within a rectangular shaped wrap which can be wrapped horizontally across your foot.

If you have any questions with the treatment or the correct wrap for your ailment please do not hesitate to contacting us.