Author Topic: Plantar Fasciitis, 3 months, newbie to BFST and Freezie wrap  (Read 17655 times)


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Plantar Fasciitis, 3 months, newbie to BFST and Freezie wrap
« on: October 01, 2017, 01:28:37 AM »
Hello... open to any help, advise for those who have had long term ( 2 months or more) with Plantar Fasciitis and chronic pain.  I'm going to purchase the Ice foot wrap first, as after reading this has to come first to get pain greatly reduced before starting the BFST treatment.... currently I'm doing, ice pack, tied with my husbands winter scarves to stay on and still having pain... but also having to walk, to do cooking, little grocery shopping, bu maybe  I need to stay off my feet much more and ice more,,, till I order the Kingsbrand Freezie foot wrap.  Would love to hear any of your testimonials... I'm so disheartened and starting to happen in other foot as well. .... 


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Re: Plantar Fasciitis, 3 months, newbie to BFST and Freezie wrap
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2017, 05:43:49 PM »
Hi there LilacsinSpring,

You're correct in saying that you need to start with ice.  Ice (or cold) therapy will help provide you with natural pain relief and will also reduce any visible swelling and underlying inflammation. Once your symptoms are under control this will allow healing to begin naturally and will enable you to start your Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST) treatments so you can speed up the recovery and healing process.

Many people under-estimate how much cold therapy is required and just use an ice pack occasionally. This is why they are in pain and have symptoms for prolonged periods of time. We believe our ColdCure Wraps are the best option because they come with 3 semi-solid gels, so you can do LOTS of cold therapy whenever needed. You use one gel in the wrap while the other 2 gels are charging in the fridge or the freezer (based on your cold tolerance and preference) and can swap out gels as often as required.
- When starting cold therapy for a fresh, mature or re-aggravated injury or ailment we recommend 20 minutes of ice (over top a thin layer of fabric; over a sock in your situation), then allow your body to return to its normal temperature, and then continue repeating this cycle until your symptoms improve.
- Once your symptoms have improved, you still need to apply ice (or cold) to keep symptoms under control or at bay, whenever you're experiencing pain or after activity - this includes any prolonged periods of standing or walking in your situation.

Recovering from Plantar Fasciitis can take time, particularly if you're on your feet a lot, so it's definitely a matter of resting as much as possible (elevating the feet may help), moderating your usual activities and avoiding stretching. Some people choose to use crutches, or a splint to help restrict range of motion or pressure on the sole of the foot, others try orthotics, others use Tape to stabilize and support without restricting range of motion....

We'd be more than happy to talk with you about everything mentioned above and to walk you through an ideal treatment regimen (for ColdCure, BFST and/or Taping) so you can get the most benefits out of your treatments and heal quickly. Feel free to call us toll free on 1844-400-2525. In the meantime, I've attached a link for our testimonials as requested, so you can check out what people (including Plantar Fasciitis sufferers) are saying about their treatments and experiences :