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slight pain returning??
« on: September 07, 2017, 12:50:54 PM »
I injured my knee last year and have been nursing it myself. I had x-rays and there was no bone damage. I assumed it was my meniscus and/or some issues with my ligaments/tendons. I can sometimes feel minimum grinding in my knee and lateral movements (like going up and down stairs) is still not as comfortable as I would like it to be. My knee is ok for the most part. Still active on it and I am very much mobile.

However. I recently started the BFST treatment and I have noticed slight soreness in the knee after each session. Almost like my knee is getting weaker... Is this normal?
It worries me a bit because I often go to the gym after a treatment and knee feels slightly vulnerable due to its soreness/tenderness.
Also, the warm tingling sensation last the entire treatment, is that normal?

Can you provide any tips on treatment? Like best times to treat? When to ice?



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Re: slight pain returning??
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 04:40:54 PM »
Hi johnlow8955,

Discomfort may be experienced during or after a BFST treatment. This generally occurs if swelling or inflammation is present, as the body is focusing on symptom management and isn’t ready for extra blood flow to be delivered to the area of injury and begin the healing and recovery phase.

Discomfort (or heat) may be experienced after first use of the BFST or if the injury is aggravated or reinjured – this would be an indication that Cold therapy is required (ie. King Brand ColdCure or an ice pack) to target inflammation or swelling, before resuming BFST treatments again.  Moving up BFST levels too quickly without acclimatizing may also create heat or discomfort in the targeted area – moving back down in level should resolve this.

Improvement of blood flow should alleviate stiffness, soreness and improve range of motion as healing takes place. Also, having optimized nutrient-rich blood will speed up recovery and healing times.
In terms of experiencing a warm tingling sensation, this is perfectly normal. This feeling may decrease or disappear in time, as your body acclimatizes to the improvement of blood flow in and around the area you are targeting.

If you believe your symptoms of inflammation and swelling are under control and that you are using the BFST correctly, and still have concerns about what you’ve been experiencing . We would recommend you cease BFST treatments (in case there’s an underlying health condition) and contact us toll free 1844-400-2525 to discuss this matter in more detail.

In terms of treatment tips, we recommend using the BFST 3-4 times a day, spaced out across the course of the day, for example : first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, late afternoon/early evening and another last thing at night.

In between your planned BFST treatments, you should use Cold therapy to target any pain flare-ups and after any movements you feel might have aggravated your injury, then should follow up by a BFST treatment after your body has returned to its regular temperature  - to get back on track with the healing and recovery process. 

It is also always best to aim to do activity (like going to the gym or walking) soon after a BFST treatment and to follow activity with Cold therapy, then a BFST treatment.

The following link provides full information about what treatment to do and when, as well as how to incorporate treatments around activity :

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact us by ‘phone if we can be of any further assistance.