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General Discussion / Re: torn maniscus
« on: May 07, 2014, 10:04:26 PM »
The BFST and ColdCure products do heal meniscus tears. A partial tear of the meniscus cartilage benefits from the two products by encouraging an increased flow of oxygen and nutrients within the blood which repair and strengthen soft tissue. However a fully torn meniscus will not reattach itself and does require surgery. After the surgery the meniscus is a lot like a partial tear, it still has a lot of healing to do. In your case the doctor has recommended removal of the cartilage rather than reattachment. Unfortunately the meniscus would not grow back.

An MRI will tell you if it is a partial or full tear. Regardless of the severity you will find relief from the ColdCure as it removes inflammation allowing your blood to circulate unimpeded. However to fully heal the injury we recommend the BFST, if it is a full tear than surgery followed by the BFST.

Both the BFST and ColdCure are reusable products which have one year manufacturer warranties as well as the 30 day money back guarantee.

I hope this helps!  :)

Treatment Questions / Re: Meniscus injury Left Knee
« on: May 06, 2014, 10:41:02 PM »
Inflammation is most commonly associated with pain, heat and redness. The achiness you experience is likely due to inflammation. As long as there is damaged tissue within your knee you will experience pain when putting your knee through varying motions or when putting weight on the leg while your knee is bent. If the pain persists while you are at rest than there is a good chance that it is a result of inflammation. Using the ColdCure wrap will help with the aches that you feel and also allow the blood to have greater circulation so the healing process can get underway. 

Treatment Questions / Re: Osteoarthritis in Knees
« on: May 05, 2014, 10:57:17 PM »
Hi again joesixpack31,

Physical therapy can be beneficial to the recovery of damaged soft tissue through increased blood flow. However physical therapy also poses the risk of re-aggravation which sets back the healing process. The great thing about the BFST is that you get that desired increased blood flow while you rest, allowing for the quickest recovery time by ensuring a constant flow of oxygen and nutrients through the blood and avoiding opportunities to damage and compromise the progress which you have made.

Should you decide to use physical therapy in combination with the BFST and ColdCure products, use the BFST before the session begins. The BFST brings increased blood flow to the targeted area for up to 4 hours after a treatment. This added blood flow creates an elastic environment in which your soft tissue is less likely to be strained or aggravated. After physical therapy use the ColdCure to prevent inflammation from developing and to relieve any that may have already developed. Also be sure to be extremely gentle in your stretches and exercises, less is more!

Treatment Questions / Re: Meniscus injury Left Knee
« on: May 05, 2014, 10:02:56 PM »
Hi Jeremy,

The BFST will speed up your recovery by drawing blood to the targeted area, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients which repairs damaged soft tissue. The BFST is also great at preventing re-aggravation or a new injury if used before any activity that may put strain on your knee. After a 20 minute session with the BFST your blood flow will continue to be stimulated to the targeted area creating a more elastic environment which is less likely to get injured.

The ColdCure is for inflammation and swelling. As it sounds like you are still quite active and test your knee’s limits there is a good chance there is inflammation from re-aggravations. It is important to get the inflammation down before using the BFST as inflammation constricts blood flow; once your inflammation has subsided and your circulation improved you can then further the amount of blood getting to your knee with the BFST.

I hope this has helped! Let us know if you have any further questions.  ;D

Treatment Questions / Re: ITBS
« on: May 05, 2014, 07:09:03 PM »
Hi Britney,

Iliotibial Band Syndrome is common in runners as it is the result of continual rubbing of the band along the femur as the knee flexes and extends. This causes inflammation within the band which can be quite painful and also constrains blood flow.

The ColdCure Leg wrap is great at relieving inflammation through both cryotherapy and compression therapy. I would recommend using the ColdCure wrap after any strenuous activity such as running to prevent and relieve inflammation in your leg and knee.

The BFST Leg wrap would offer benefits as well. The BFST stimulates blood flow in the targeted area for 4 hours after a 20 minute treatment. If you use the BFST before going for a run it will increase the elasticity of the Iliotibial Band which will help prevent straining the band. If damage has already been done to the Band then you will want to rest your leg and use the BFST. The increased blood flow will carry oxygen and nutrients to your leg and knee to stimulate the body's natural healing process, while resting will help to avoid an aggravation and consequent setback. Once you have recovered from the injury continue using the BFST before going for a run or any other strenuous activity to prevent the injury from reoccurring.

Treatment Questions / Re: Gout
« on: May 01, 2014, 06:12:08 PM »
Hi beekeeper,

Many people have used our products to treat and heal gout. The BFST brings oxygen and nutrients to the targeted area, through the blood, which heal soft tissue injuries and create healthy joints. Gout occurs when uric acid crystallizes in the form of monosodium urate. Blood flow is critical for monosodium urate reabsorbtion reversing the process in which gout is formed.

Gout also creates painful inflammation and swelling which constrict blood flow and delay the healing process. Our ColdCure products are great at relieving both inflammation and swelling through cryotherapy (cold therapy) and compression therapy which is why we recommend using the ColdCure in combination with the BFST; It is important to remove sources of constriction before using the BFST to ensure the increased blood flow can easily circulate.

I have copied a link in below to our page on Gout. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask!

General Discussion / Re: Tendonitis of the thumb
« on: April 30, 2014, 05:56:21 PM »
Hi fnelson,

The ColdCure will help to relieve the pressure you are feeling from inflammation within your hand and wrist, this will also help increase the circulation in your thumb as inflammation and swelling constrict blood flow. Once your inflammation is down you can use the BFST to bring a greater flow of oxygen and nutrients through the blood to heal your tendoniitis. Also by increasing the circulation in your hand you will loosen up the soft tissue which helps to prevent re-aggravating the tendoniitis. Once you have recovered and begin to bowl again use the BFST within 4 hours and it will continue to stimulate blood flow as you play.

Our BFST and ColdCure Wrist wraps are designed to wrap around the thumb and wrist providing great coverage for your tendoniitis.

I hope this has helped, I have copied a link to our tendoniitis page below as well. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Treatment Questions / Re: Treatment for a slipped disk
« on: April 10, 2014, 05:03:06 PM »
Hi Bob,

A slipped disc will cause inflammation and swelling which then puts pressure on nerves causing pain anywhere along that nerve, including the leg. I recommend getting the Back ColdCure wrap to relieve the inflammation / swelling which will consequently reduce the pain in her back as well as within her leg.

Depending on the cause of the slip disc a blood flow stimulator (BFST) can be effective at healing the injury. A disc can become herniated or 'slip' from a tear in the outer ring that keeps the discs in place. The BFST product speeds up the recovery of all damaged soft tissue injuries by stimulating blood to the targeted area. The blood then carries oxygen and nutrients repairing damaged soft tissue. If the slipped disc is a result of an injury to the outer ring than using the BFST once the inflammation has subsided will strengthen the soft tissue and help to support the disc keeping it in place.

I hope this has helped! Please don't be shy if you have any other questions.

Treatment Questions / Re: Trigger Finger
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:48:16 PM »
Hi Betty,

The wrist wraps work great for treating Trigger Finger. The wraps themselves are rectangular shaped and very flexible in the areas in which they can treat, including the hand and fingers. Trigger Finger however usually arises from inflammation within the wrist or forearm (which the wrist wrap also covers).

Moving your fingers uses the muscles in your forearm, a strain from overuse or damage caused by an accident or injury can than cause inflammation in the tendons in your forearm which causes pain in the hand and fingers. If the tendons in your wrist are inflamed it than adds pressure to the nerve which are also passing through the wrist and results in pain anywhere along your nerve.

The ColdCure should be applied directly over where the inflammation / swelling is, this is not necessarily where you feel the pain or where the injury has been sustained. The BFST on the other hand should be placed over the underlying issue as it heals the injury which is causing the inflammation and helps to prevent further aggravation and inflammation flare ups if it's used before any activity that would be strenous to that injury.

Hi Molanshe,

When inflammation or swelling is present we recommend using our ColdCure product to relieve these symptoms before moving on to BFST treatments. Through rest and the ColdCure you will remove the swelling in your ankle. The BFST and ColdCure were designed to compliment eachother, through relieving swelling with the ColdCure you are allowing for greater circulation in the targeted area. Once your swelling has subsided and your circulation improved you can than use the BFST to further improve circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients through the blood to repair damaged soft tissue.

We have a great page on Achilles Tendonitis if you want to follow the link below:

I hope this has helped, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Treatment Questions / Re: Will the BFST fit my elbow
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:29:28 PM »
Hi Becki,

Using cold therapy directly after a blood flow stimulation treatment is counteractive as, in the short term, cold constricts blood flow. We recommend cold therapy to relieve circulation-constricting inflammation and swelling, which then leads to greater circulation in the longer term. Whether or not what your PT has you doing is counteractive depends on the length of time that your Ultrasound sessions are effective for post treatment and how soon after a session you use cold therapy. The BFST continues to stimulate blood flow for upwards of 4 hours after a 20 minute treatment which is why we advise against using the ColdCure within that 4 hour period.

All King Brand products are wraps as opposed to sleeves. This allows the wraps to fit a wide variety of sizes and ensures the optimal level of compression at the same time.
Our 30 day money back guarantee starts the day you receive your products, to receive your refund the products only have to be in the mail back to us within those 30 days, this means you get a full 30 day trial period. After 2 weeks of treatment, assuming you are following the 3-4 times per day regime for the BFST, you should notice an improvement. We give 30 days because by this point, you should know you are on the road to recovery.

The BFST and ColdCure were designed to be used together, however there are cases in which only one or the other is needed. In your case I would recommend both products as it seems you are still suffering with inflammation and as you have been continually reaggravating the injury. The ColdCure will get the inflammation down after an aggravation, keeping the blood flowing proplerly and relieving much of the pain. The BFST is what is going to put this injury in the past by promoting the healing process, reducing the recovery time and reducing the chances of a reaggravation.

I hope this has helped, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

Treatment Questions / Re: stretching and plantar fasciitis
« on: February 27, 2014, 11:50:03 AM »
Hi again Freefall, I'm glad I could help!

The benefit to stretching is that it draws blood to the area however the risks of stretching a damaged plantar fascia ligament far outweigh the benefit. The BFST increases blood flow to your foot for upwards of 3-4 hours without putting you at risk of further damaging your injury. You can however stretch your calf to increase the circulation to your foot in general, it’s the plantar fascia which you want to avoid stretching. As you recover you will gradually be able to do more on your feet without re-aggravation though as plantar fasciitis is a result of an over-stretched plantar ligament you want to avoid stretching it even after it has completely healed.   

Treatment Questions / Re: stretching and plantar fasciitis
« on: February 26, 2014, 04:29:39 PM »
Hi Freefall,

Plantar Fasciitis occurs when the thick band of connective tissue on the bottom of the foot, the plantar fascia ligament, is damaged from being over-stretched or over-used. Repetitive stretching and straining can cause small tears in the fascia, making it very painful to even just stand.

Stretching the foot does increase blood flow to the Plantar ligament which can produce temporary relief however it will also aggravate the injury causing inflammation, pain and worsen the condition. My advice to someone suffering with Plantar Fasciitis is to rest the foot as much as possible while using a ColdCure foot wrap to relieve the inflammation and pain associated with it. Once the inflammation is down continue to rest the injury and use the BFST 3-5 times a day to ensure a constant supply of nutrient and oxygen rich blood to repair the Plantar Fascia ligament.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!  ;D

Questions & Answers About Our Products / Re: fda registered products
« on: February 25, 2014, 01:05:41 PM »
Hi Marg,

FDA registration is a big deal! Companies and products which hold FDA registration are held to a higher standard, which protects customers and results in greater quality products and services. By complying with the stringent FDA rules it means our products are medical devices rather than consumer goods (like over the counter goods you'd find at Walgreens or Walmart); our claims are proven, our wraps are biocompatible meaning they can go over open wounds. There is a great range of differences between FDA and non-FDA registered products along the entire business process.

For a broader response on how FDA registration affects every aspect of King Brand please feel free to check out our page on the importance of FDA registration by following this link:

Treatment Questions / Re: Combination Therapy?
« on: February 20, 2014, 03:41:58 PM »
Hi RoadRunner,

The most effective treatment for any soft tissue injury will include both the BFST and ColdCure. This is because soft tissue injuries cause inflammation which constricts blood flow and delays the recovery. It is important to get the inflammation down with cold in order to allow blood flow in the affected area to improve. Once circulation has increased the BFST will then encourage a greater flow bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues.

Both products are beneficial to new and old injuries; following an injury or a surgery you definitely want cold compression therapy which the ColdCure provides as there is likely to be substantial swelling and inflammation. After this initial period and with older injuries it is important to avoid re-aggravating the injury as this will cause the inflammation to return and choke off the blood supply to the tissues. When a re-aggravation does occur you should temporarily stop treatments with the BFST and use the ColdCure to reduce the inflammation as quick as possible.

I hope this helps!

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