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Hi Rower,

I'm an EE too.  I can appreciate your curiosity.  The product is well above the frequency used by SW.  I know you can also appreciate that one stat doesn't make the device.  If I said it was in the Radio or Microwave or Infrared or Visible spectrum would it make a difference?  If I said one of those, would it make a difference if it was at the top middle or low end of the spectrum?  What if it was a combination of spectrums or the waveform was non-sinusoidal?  Does it really matter?  What matters is what the product can do to help people get better.

The reason we're so evasive isn't because we have something to hide, but because we don't want people getting focused on one particular aspect of the product and lose sight of what it will do.  BFST isn't about one specification being correct, it is about a multitude of design parameters working together to give an optimal result.  How the energy is channeled is equally important.  So is the energy density.  There are many elements that matter, not just one.

This is where the FDA registration as a Class II medical device is so important.  We didn't just fill out a form to get this.  We have been through a rigorous site inspection and review of our documentation and engineering and manufacturing.  We don't just have a rubber stamp, we are not just some consumer good like all the other products you see sold online with small print disclaimers.  We are a legitimate medical devices company making legitimate products with clear claims (no disclaimers).

People don't often ask about the material.  Our material is ISO 10993 certified for biocompatibility.  That is a very big deal.  When you look at all the other cold wraps out there, NONE of them are 10993.  Other manufacturers use much lower quality materials that wouldn't even meet the standards for garments used next to the skin let alone a medical grade fabric.  This is just 1 example of many why KB products are valuable to the end user.  I'd hate for people to think it is all about 1 specification alone.

I know this answer is still evasive, but I hope you understand why.  We don't explain all the engineering details to our CS people because it's really not practical to try to educate them on all the intricacies of the device.  We try to focus on the end results that people can expect and proper education on how to use the products.  Focusing on the things that can impact the results is really where we want to spend our time.

Thanks again for your questions.

Treatment Questions / Re: Neck Injury
« on: July 24, 2013, 06:37:37 PM »
I always find it amazing how people use the wrist wrap as a versatile multi-body part wrap.  I was thinking when I read this post that if you got a wrist wrap AND an extension strap, it might be able to wrap nicely around a neck, arm or leg as well. 

I read on someone's blog how a yoga instructor would lay it flat and sit on it to limber up her hamstrings and glutes.  Frankly, I think the larger Energy Web in the leg wrap or back might be better for a lot, but you have to respect all the uses people get out of our wrist wrap.

Also, we do have a customer for whom we make an upper back BFST pad. It's quite large. It has a neck extension built into it so it covers the entire trapezius area and up the back of the neck.  It is a custom product we make just for them so it's not available on our site.  The company name is Ceanix if you're interested in tracking them down.

Hi dwalcott,

That's quite an injury you have there!  Good for you for avoiding pain killers.  Did your doctor recommend surgery?  If you've been healing, that's good, many people aren't able to heal this on their own.  Of course, many people don't take care of their injuries.  Be careful with your shoulder, don't push it and respect the pain.  Don't do what hurts.  Don't worry about atrophy (shrinking of the muscles from lack of use), its more important that you heal your tendons first.  You can rebuild the muscle later.

I like that you're trying to heal naturally first.  Give your body a fair chance at healing, but if you're not making headway, listen to your physician if he/she recommends surgery.  But you don't have to rush into it.

The BFST is our best product for helping with the healing process.  Even if you have surgery, the BFST can improve your post-surgical recovery.  Use it lots, even long after the pain goes away.  That shoulder will be healing for at least a year, even if the pain is gone after a couple months.  The longer you keep treating it, the more completely it will heal and the less likely you are to have problems later in life.

Please check back with us later and let us know how it goes.  People really appreciate seeing the results other real people have with their injuries.  Posting your experience can help others.

Thanks for your questions.

Treatment Questions / Re: RE: torn meniscus, left knee
« on: July 24, 2013, 06:10:26 PM »
Hi Pampullen,

I would caution you against the use of a TENS machine for a meniscus tear.  A TENS machine shocks your body with the intent of 'deadening' your nerves so you don't feel the pain.  It does not help you heal.  Carpal Tunnel is a nerve related ailment so your TENS machine would have been effective at numbing your median nerve but it would not have healed it.

In the case of a Meniscus tear, you should be careful.  The shocks from a TENS machine can cause your muscles to suddenly contract, often they contract with every shock cycle of the TENS.  This sudden flinching of the muscles can possibly put undue shock stress on your meniscus and possibly worsen the tear.  Of course, for the best advice you should discuss your options with your physician.  He/she knows your situation best.

a BFST items does not shock you like a TENS machine.  It is very soothing and is more likely to relax your joint than cause it to experience more stress.  The two treatments are entirely different.

I hope this helps.

To be clear, our product is NOT a Tens machine.  It is not electric shock or micro-current or anything that puts electricity through your body.  It is very safe.  It is very comfortable and the treatments are soothing.

Some people feel a bit of a tingling sensation in their muscles under the treatment area, but this is not common and only ever very slight.  Usually people feel a warming sensation after a few minutes.  It is not like a heating pad that gets hot on the surface, the warming sensation is in your tissue.  The surface of the energy web will get warm during treatment but not hot.

When you use your BFST the first time you should use it on the lowest setting.  You will feel moderate heating of your body.  After several days of using your BFST on low, you will stop feeling the warming sensation and start wondering if the unit is even on.  This is a good sign.  This means your circulation has improved remarkably and your blood is flowing well enough that there is no longer any heat build up.  When this happens, it is now time to move up one treatment level.  When you move to treatment level 2 the first time you will feel the heating sensation return during treatments.

Most people don't get to the point at level 2 where the warming sensation is no longer noticeable.  If you do get to that point on level 2, it is time to move to level 3 for subsequent treatments. 

There is no benefit in going up in levels too quickly.  In fact, if you move up too quickly and you feel significant warmth, then you are actually not getting as good a treatment as if it is just slightly warm.  If your arm gets too warm, then the extra blood flow starts to increase at the skin level and that steals the energy that you are trying to get to the deep tissue.  Hotter is not better.  Start on low and only move your treatments to the next level when the warming sensation is not so noticeable anymore.

I hope this helps.

I would like to reiterate that for people with a complete tear, surgery is required.  The two ends of the torn tendon will not be able to reach out and rejoin without the aid of surgery. 

In the case of a partial tear, the body will start to stitch back together beginning at the point where the two ends of the tendon are still connected.  Depending on the severity of the tear, this is more or less feasible.  Your surgeon will give you the best assessment.

Even if you have surgery, afterwards, ColdCure products are excellent tools to reduce the pain and swelling.  As well, just because the Dr. has stitched your tendon back together, it still has an incredible amount of healing to do.  After surgery, BFST treatments are very valuable to aid the healing process. 

The surgery is just the start of the solution.  The stitches will not hold your tendon together.  The tissue has to grow back together and this is exactly the type of growth that BFST serves to promote.  After surgery your tissue can heal poorly or well.  Take care of your injury and help it heal as well as possible to get back as much strength and flexibility as you can and to reduce the possibility of further problems down the road.

If you are having surgery, BFST and ColdCure products are ideal for you!

Recently we have started shipping some of our ColdCure products with a new kind of gel.  It looks even more unusual than our regular gel.  It is still gold in color, but it now has a bit more fog to it and it has a white substance on one side of the pack.

This new gel is something we call XC gel.  It is designed to move the cold in the gel to the areas that need it most.   

With the traditional blue gel packs you get in stores, aside from not having nearly as much cold power as a King Brand gel, a part of the gel pack can get warm even when the rest of the gel pack is still cold.  Similarly, if you are using the old style blue goo gel as a hot pack, when you heat it in a microwave, part of a blue gel pack can get really hot while the rest is still cool.  Our gold and white XC gel is 'hyper conductive', which means that the heat/cold in the pack balances out much better than blue goo.  So, when gel over your injury warms, new cold power moves in from the rest of the gel pack to keep pumping more cold into the area.  This gives better pain treatment and swelling control.

Even though our XC gel is white on one side and gold on the other, it doesn't matter which way you put the gel in the wrap.  You can have the white side facing away from your skin or towards it.  You get the same excellent cold balancing results either way.

Not all our gel packs are XC yet.  They will be in time.  But don't worry, if your product isn't available in XC yet, you still get King Brand RigiGel with it's massive Cold power, rigid gel that stays in place and all the other benefits of our King Brand gel technology.  They are still, and have always been, the best gel you can get.

General Discussion / Welcome To The King Brand Forum
« on: May 01, 2013, 05:43:31 PM »
Welcome to our Forum. 

Please feel free to discuss your condition or our products.  Don't hesitate to ask questions.  Our King Brand staff are very knowledgeable about our products and most injuries and conditions.  We can help you find the answers you need and we will respond quickly to all posts.

Our goal is to help you heal.

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