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Treatment Questions / Partial Tear of Long Head Bicep Tendon
« on: December 26, 2017, 05:45:36 PM »
I'm about 2 months into this injury affecting the left bicep.  I have been using your BFST wrap regularly and also undergoing acupuncture therapy.
Today I tested my bicep strength doing dumbell curls; started light and then increased the resistance a little at a time.  However, my test showed that the injury still still reflects about a 40 % loss of strength in the left bicep.
This injury came about while doing a maximum bench press which failed.  My spotter was not paying attention and wasn't ready to help me.  When he did, he could not get the left side of the bar high enough to get the bar back into the rack.  So, I was briefly tilted before someone rushed to the left side and assisted in the recovery.  I field no pain and thought that I had escaped injury.
Later in the training session when I did dumbell curls I experienced a pronounced weakness of my left bicep.  That weakness has been with me for a couple of months now.
I believe the Long Head Bicep Tendon was injured and the associated muscle has lost most of its strength.
I have had no pain or swelling.  However, I am not recovering and would welcome some advice.

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