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Treatment Questions / First few days of BFST treatment
« on: August 18, 2016, 07:02:07 PM »
I purchased the achilles wrap and have used it three times a day for two days now. I notice the slight 'heat' sensation seems to last the whole way through the 20 minute session (but not unpleasent) and might actualy be having a little more pain. Is this most likely due to internal swelling? (I just had two cortisone shots over two weeks and was icing it each day, so I had hoped to take care of it)

Is it worth the discomfort to promote healing or should I just really return to cold for a while and come back and try again?


I notice all of the BFST products indicate to not use them until pain and inflammation have been reduced. Isn't it possible that inflamation can be gone but you can still have pain? (depending on the issue) What i'm getting at, is if i'm confident there's not much of a swelling problem (but even though there is still some pain) would using these products still be safe and effective? Or would it just potentially increase/revive inflammation?

I have a ligament/tendon issue onthe inside of my ankle - not positive which. (my podiatrist said an MRI would be a waste of money since treatement would be teh same - keeping it immobilized) I initally had 'nerver' pain due to compression and was getting cortisone shots for a while. But now that pain is gone and i'm just experiencing 'normal' pain - so that's why I'm wondering if i'm at an appropriate stange to stray from cold to possibly your BFST product.

Thanks for any insights,

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