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Customer Feedback / Cold and Heat Knee Wraps
« on: September 15, 2015, 06:34:04 PM »
Neither Knee wrap fit well.  I am neither a large nor small person, both wraps were much too large and bulky.  The cold packs barely felt cool.  My cheapo Walgreen's velcro wrap works MUCH better.  The heat wrap is nothing miraculous either but I am not a sedentary person so apparently my blood flow didn't need heat to get it moving.  My 34 year old heating pad works MUCH better.  But when I went to return both items is when I really got hosed!!  $45.00 postage to return in the same box it came in.  If you are from the USA, don't fall for their hype.  I doubt this will get posted and I'll probably have to get my card company involved to receive a refund.

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