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Recently we have started shipping some of our ColdCure products with a new kind of gel.  It looks even more unusual than our regular gel.  It is still gold in color, but it now has a bit more fog to it and it has a white substance on one side of the pack.

This new gel is something we call XC gel.  It is designed to move the cold in the gel to the areas that need it most.   

With the traditional blue gel packs you get in stores, aside from not having nearly as much cold power as a King Brand gel, a part of the gel pack can get warm even when the rest of the gel pack is still cold.  Similarly, if you are using the old style blue goo gel as a hot pack, when you heat it in a microwave, part of a blue gel pack can get really hot while the rest is still cool.  Our gold and white XC gel is 'hyper conductive', which means that the heat/cold in the pack balances out much better than blue goo.  So, when gel over your injury warms, new cold power moves in from the rest of the gel pack to keep pumping more cold into the area.  This gives better pain treatment and swelling control.

Even though our XC gel is white on one side and gold on the other, it doesn't matter which way you put the gel in the wrap.  You can have the white side facing away from your skin or towards it.  You get the same excellent cold balancing results either way.

Not all our gel packs are XC yet.  They will be in time.  But don't worry, if your product isn't available in XC yet, you still get King Brand RigiGel with it's massive Cold power, rigid gel that stays in place and all the other benefits of our King Brand gel technology.  They are still, and have always been, the best gel you can get.

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Welcome to our Forum. 

Please feel free to discuss your condition or our products.  Don't hesitate to ask questions.  Our King Brand staff are very knowledgeable about our products and most injuries and conditions.  We can help you find the answers you need and we will respond quickly to all posts.

Our goal is to help you heal.

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