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Hello KingBrand,
I just started using the BFST Shoulder Wrap a few days ago, and I hope it helps heal my torn tendon. It is certainly too early to judge the effectiveness of BFST.
But, I noticed something peculiar as I’m operating the wrap, which raises some questions and concerns.
There is a very, very, low volume tone being generated from the actual “diathermic” device that behaves in a peculiar fashion which I describe a few sentences later. I just want to know if this is normal. I’m actually surprised that I found no information about this peculiar sound anywhere on the internet or this forum. I’m a musician and a sound engineer… so maybe that is the reason I would notice such a thing.  Again… this is VERY low in volume, and it is really NOT bothersome at all. If anything, it just makes me curious.

Anyway, and more specifically, I believe I hear 4 distinct tones (possibly 5) that appear monophonically (never more than one note/tone at a time) in some kind of patterned sequence. My ears tell me they are very close to the following frequencies >110hz, 220hz, 440hz, and 880hz< which are essentially the musical note "A" split in octaves.
When I first power up the wrap, usually 2 notes tend to jump back and forth approx. every 3 to 5 seconds, between what I think are the 220hz and 440hz tones.  After several minutes, I may hear the tone jump to either the highest 880hz, or the lowest 110hz frequency, and hold for perhaps several minutes.  After that... the tones will engage in a variety of sequences until the end of the 20 minute session.
The pattern does seem different depending on the setting chosen.
Something concerns me… and makes me wonder if there is something wrong with the controller (the unit that has the of 3 setting buttons). When I have tried setting #3, there are at least a couple spans of time where I hear absolutely nothing for what seems to last a minute or more, compared to settings #1 or #2, in which I may notice a couple silent gaps that only last a few seconds.  I should also point out, although there seems to be a subtle “healing” feeling that I experience… I do not feel or sense anything DIFFERENT between the 3 settings in my shoulder, which is not what I would expect.
Perhaps... this is an unusual request to explain some questions which perhaps only your engineers/R&D department can answer.  But, I would like to know that the controller is working properly between all 3 settings, and that these “musical” tones are also a normal thing.

Oh BTW… I’m not crazy… my wife hears them as well! LOL

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