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Treatment Questions / slight pain returning??
« on: September 07, 2017, 12:50:54 PM »
I injured my knee last year and have been nursing it myself. I had x-rays and there was no bone damage. I assumed it was my meniscus and/or some issues with my ligaments/tendons. I can sometimes feel minimum grinding in my knee and lateral movements (like going up and down stairs) is still not as comfortable as I would like it to be. My knee is ok for the most part. Still active on it and I am very much mobile.

However. I recently started the BFST treatment and I have noticed slight soreness in the knee after each session. Almost like my knee is getting weaker... Is this normal?
It worries me a bit because I often go to the gym after a treatment and knee feels slightly vulnerable due to its soreness/tenderness.
Also, the warm tingling sensation last the entire treatment, is that normal?

Can you provide any tips on treatment? Like best times to treat? When to ice?


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