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Title: extensor carpi ulnaris tendonitis
Post by: CMT on December 30, 2016, 06:23:41 PM
I am a working massage therapist and have used cold therapy for extensor carpi ulnaris tendonitis for months. I now wish to augment my cold treatments with BFST. Any advice and/or guidance will be greatly appreciated. TIA
Title: Re: extensor carpi ulnaris tendonitis
Post by: Ashley on December 31, 2016, 10:06:15 AM
When starting to use your BFST:
1. Watch your timing - If you do cold, wait at least 45 minutes before starting BFST treatment.  After a 20 minute BFST treatment the blood flow is stimulated for at least 3-4 hours after so do not do any cold within that time frame.  (
2. Routine - You will see the best results the more routinely you use the products. 3-5 times a day, spread throughout your day.
3. Conditioning - Work your way slowly through the levels.  You will not heal any quicker if you jump to level 3 immediately.  You have to condition your body to get used to the stimulated blood flow. (

I hope this information helps, please feel free to contact us again for any other questions.