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Title: How To Submit Customer Feedback
Post by: CS on May 12, 2013, 06:21:47 PM
Thanks for being interested in submitting your feedback. This is always very helpful to us - it drives us to further improve the customer service experience we provide and enables us to continually develop and enhance our product offering - but.... most and foremost..... it helps people who have yet to try our products!  Just like you did, they want to know whether our ColdCure products can really help alleviate pain and take down their inflammation and swelling. They also want to kick-start their healing process and speed up their recovery time. You can help, by telling them what you purchased and the results you obtained!

Once you log your feedback, we will verify who you are and confirm that the product(s) you mention in your feedback are what you actually purchased. The FDA and Health Canada also require by law that all testimonials are traceable to their source to prevent false claims.  This provides readers with the reassurance that you have independent, unbiased feedback based on real experiences. Unlike with Ebay and Amazon and other shopper sites that are full of fake posts by sellers and their competitors it is illegal to make a false review here.

We look forward to reading your comments and thanks again for taking the time to provide this valuable information to others!
Title: How To Submit Customer Feedback
Post by: Evelynjound on October 16, 2019, 02:49:57 AM
I didnt know where to ask this but I did look at the Faq section but I kept getting errors.

How can I change my signature? I looked every where but couldnt find it
Title: Re: How To Submit Customer Feedback
Post by: CS on October 16, 2019, 08:16:08 AM
Sorry, signature in what? Have you already sent us feedback?
Signatures are not required when submitting.
Please provide more details so I can assist your further.