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ColdCure® and BFST® are FDA Registered medical devices. The fact that our products are FDA Registered means that the authenticity of our testimonials is verified, so we cannot post fake testimonials. The testimonials below are 100% genuine and each one is associated with a real customer.

Again, the statements below are real testimonials that can be tied back to real customers and their orders.

I love the products, I've bought many of them for many of my family members and they're great.

Customer: 21046527BFST BackNov 27, 2021

I think it's really improved my situation. I'm very happy with it.

Customer: 12044194BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeNov 26, 2021

I've just been using them for probably the past week and so far they seem to be helping.

Customer: 28202669BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleNov 26, 2021

I love it and it's really healing my foot.

Customer: 26926459BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut TapeNov 24, 2021

I have your foot wrap and it did take two weeks for me to begin to notice the difference, but WOW, I can hike again. it's wonderful.

Customer: 27858323BFST Foot|ColdCure FootNov 24, 2021

It's going good.

Customer: Private RegistrationNov 23, 2021

It seems to have helped tremendously...and I will say my husband used it last night, he was playing around on the ground outside and he was hurting, I said try it out and he did...and he said it felt great and today he woke up and said that thing really helped me...I'm happy with it. I think it's gonna help me a great deal. And I'm gonna tell other people about it too.

Customer: 28135488BFST Back|ColdCure BackNov 23, 2021

This BFST is incredible. I'm not kidding you, within 24 hours my pain was greatly reduced. I'm so thrilled! It's really amazing, and I actually walked through a Costco warehouse this morning shopping and it was not a problem at all, so I'm really, really pleased.

Customer: 12592584BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|BFST FootNov 23, 2021

So far they're working fine, good.

Customer: 28156195BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeNov 20, 2021

FDA Registered

The Importance of FDA Registered Medical Devices

Being FDA Registered also means that our products meet very high biocompatibility standards. This is what sets our products apart from regular consumer goods. Our products are made entirely from biocompatible materials, meaning it is completely safe if the materials come into contact with your body tissue, unlike regular consumer goods which are not made with biocompatible materials. This is especially important post-surgery, because you don't want fibers from a non-biocompatible product coming into contact with your healing tissue. Our products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements for Class I & Class II medical devices. We have done a lot of work to bring you medical devices that are both safe and effective, because we believe you deserve the absolute best treatment for your injury.

Everything seems to be working much better, I don't have much, if any, pain left, my motion is good... I'm really happy with the results. I'm surprised by them quite honestly but very happy.

Customer: 27969892BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleNov 20, 2021

I've been using it pretty regularly and it's been very helpful and it makes my knee feel better after I use it.

Customer: 28060661BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeNov 20, 2021

I really really really love your products. This is the second time I've ever had one of those foot wraps. The last time I had a plantar fasciitis pretty bad, no really really bad, and it completely healed the plantar fasciitis in lickety split.

Customer: 28091189BFST FootNov 19, 2021

The tape was a real game changer for the record. I was trying these compressed wraps, they're on my elbow but they were too restrictive. I don't know if that makes any sense or not but they weren't helping. It was just too much and I spent a lot of money on them.

Customer: 27886379Roll TapeNov 18, 2021

So far it's a great experience and I think it's really helping me. Thank you.

Customer: 28069860BFST KneeNov 18, 2021

Well I've been liking it a lot and I can tell a big difference already.

Customer: 28061954BFST BackNov 16, 2021

I used it last night and this morning and it already felt better. It's been hurting for about a year and I came across this product a month ago. Luckily I came I across the product because I feel like it is working. There is a lot of good reviews on it just for my problem, Achilles Tendonitis. It feels like it's one of the only things that would help.

Customer: 27567343BFST Ankle|ColdCure Ankle|Pre-Cut TapeNov 12, 2021

I purchased this Knee thing originally. And I used it, it was great. My mother-in-law, who is 72, was getting out of her husbands pickup truck. Her leg spun a little bit as she was getting out and she tore her meniscus. It was real problematic for the first couple of weeks. She went to the doctor, they said you have a torn meniscus, they talked about doing surgery. I said well look, you should use my thing. I gave her my Knee BFST and I gave her the ColdCure thing and I was a superhero after that. She bought me a new one because she used my old one, so I ended up getting a replacement set. It worked out really well.

Customer: 11917999BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeNov 12, 2021

I do just want to say, the fist time I had this tendonitis flare up a few months ago, I came across the site and said, "Yeah that probably doesn't work". I regret now that I didn't spend the money and buy it then because in just a few days- first of all I didn't believe a cold therapy couldn't do anything different. Yeah it does. I was totally skeptical, I bought it this time because I was desperate and I knew I could get my money back if it doesn't work. The first time I put on the cold wrap I was like oh my God. Like within 5 minutes. It was obvious there was a difference. Cold really does help the pain. It was better even than an ice pack. It stayed cold for 20 minutes.

Customer: 27781367BFST Wrist|ColdCure WristNov 10, 2021

I have had pain in my foot since 2018 when I broke it and within two days of using your product the pain is going away. It's just absolutely marvelous.

Customer: 27446123BFST Foot|ColdCure FootOct 20, 2021

One of the reasons I did purchase this cause I'm really big on reviews and it got really big reviews but everybody raves about your customer service and I'm witnessing that first hand right now.

Customer: 27334665BFST KneeOct 15, 2021

I have bursitis in my hip and a sore lower back. The King wrap-around made a difference immediately! Low heat is what I needed instead of ice. It's easy to wear at home, slip the battery pack into your pocket and get more done! I am very impressed with the quality of the product and the professionalism of the staff to any questions or concerns. Highly recommended!

Customer: 26964490Oct 11, 2021

The tape help my leg. The pain is going away. This a blessing. I was in so much pain.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure KneeOct 08, 2021

"Amazed to feel relief after the first heat treatment and have been using all of the products with success ever since. I have been struggling with tendonitis and associated ankle/foot pain. So glad I ordered your products, and thank you for the follow up!"

GAIL LOVINGBFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleOct 03, 2021

I really appreciate your company and the technology. And your customer service has been fabulous.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Foot|ColdCure FootOct 02, 2021

I had torn rotator cuffs in both my shoulders. The doctor wanted to operate and I was NOT ready for that. I used this product faithfully, and they healed. Yes it took several months, but it sure was better than several months recovery from surgery. Then I also had a problem with my ankle, so I got the piece for that, and healed using this device. I think these are great products.... based on what I have already tried!

Customer: 15502751BFST AnkleSep 30, 2021

I ordered the Plantar Fasciitis BFST Wrap. Here's my status right now: Plantar Fasciitis has wonderfully healed up. I have very little pain and I'm very thankful for you guys for the device and the advice along the road.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST FootSep 22, 2021

"Your CS crew is stellar, but you knew that already. Cheers!"

Customer: 27048951BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeSep 22, 2021

I love your products. Thanks so much.

Customer: 19624893ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot|Roll TapeSep 17, 2021

Your company's very good. I literally found you guys through a Google Search. I think I Googled carpal tunnel and you guys were one of the top that came up. Super helpful, I got this stuff and everything's fine and I've been using the leg one for for my knee as well. I have meniscus tears, I'm all beat up.

Customer: 26474471ColdCure Leg|BFST Knee|ColdCure Wrist|Roll TapeSep 13, 2021

Thank you for the prompt service in replacing this unit. I can't say enough good things about Sam- Very professional and a pleasure to speak with.

JOHN IURLANOBFST Leg|ColdCure Leg|Roll TapeSep 08, 2021

Let me say that I've had previous injuries in the past. To date, your product really produced the quickest results.

Susan MarinoBFST AnkleSep 08, 2021

I love these products, I appreciate it. The first product that I ever bought from y'all was a cold pack for a knee injury I had a couple years ago and that was great... Again I just want to thank you for the follow-up. When I send an email you actually answer it. Do you know how unusual that is? That's huge. This is huge for people that are struggling to get back on their feet and stuff, somebody actually cares enough to call you back?! It's huge so please don't stop doing that.

Customer: 6028757BFST KneeSep 07, 2021

I purchased a King Brand... BFST for a torn meniscus in my right knee and I have been using it for maybe a month and it is really helping a lot. Also, I did, I had a torn meniscus, oh mercy, a couple years ago on my left knee and it started bothering me because I was favoring the right knee. So I have been using it on the right knee and the left knee.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut TapeSep 01, 2021

Oh my gosh, I love it. It's the only thing that has made my knee feel better... It's great. I use it all the time. Very surprised... It's one of the best things I've bought in a long time.

Customer: 26369732BFST KneeSep 01, 2021

I got a leg one because I have tendonitis in my shoulder, bicep, elbow, and hand but it's both arms... And I'll tell you, this is the only thing that's worked. I have tried anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, acupuncture - nothing. This is the first thing that has brought me any relief.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST LegSep 01, 2021

Your products are fabulous.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure FootAug 27, 2021

I appreciate your follow-up on the thing. In todays day and age if you get something and it doesn't work or you don't know, even get someone to talk to is impossible.

Customer: 26359055BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg|Roll TapeAug 27, 2021

I appreciate your product, I think it is the awesome product and I think it's very beneficial. When I researched it, that's what I saw in it. With the deep soft tissue healing and understanding that circulation is crucial for healing. I survived being wounded in Vietnam. I understand a lot about taking care of my body and recover because I am 80% disabled or that's what they say.

Gary ChristopherBFST ShoulderAug 26, 2021

Well, wish it had lasted longer, but I have certainly gotten a lot of use out of this little miracle. It is a good assumption that I likely would have ended up in a wheelchair for a while if I had not listened to others in your reviews. Thank you so much for a great product. You get continuous advertising and total endorsement from this verbose mom! And by the way, Stephen seems to be a great employee. He is knowledgeable, kind, and courteous. He was patient with me, and never defensive or dismissive. That is rare. Thank you Stephen. I hope King Brand allows you to progress to the level you aspire to in this company!

Cindy ThackerColdCure FootAug 14, 2021

It's such a nice product, it really is working well. Love that ice wrap, so convenient.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleAug 11, 2021

I especially like the cold pack. I have had a knee problem and I've been icing it for a long time and your system works much better than mine did.

Customer: 25761364ColdCure Knee|BFST KneeAug 11, 2021

Ran a half marathon last Saturday made it through with minimal discomfort. Love your products.

Customer: 1892780BFST AnkleAug 04, 2021

It's been very helpful and I'm recommending it to all my friends. We're up in age and everybody's got some sort of issue. I hope they try it because it's really been helpful with my husband and myself.

Customer: 22930753BFST BackAug 03, 2021

"I absolutely love it! I cannot say enough good about it. I've told other people, I've got them looking at your website. I am truly amazed with it." ... "Before I got this I couldn't put any pressure on my knee and I was walking with a terrible limp. I have absolutely no limp at all; I can still feel that there's some soreness in there but absolutely nothing like it was before. I also use it on my other knee that has arthritis and I can't believe the difference in it." ... "I'm trying to talk my husband into getting one for his shoulder ... I talked to my sister-in-law about getting one for her ankle, and I just talked to my other sister, but I'm referring a lot of people to you because I am thoroughly impressed, then I was even more impressed when you called! I thought 'that is an amazing company." "Like I said, I am just so impressed with it. Because I'm so active. We cut our wood, I have a big garden, I do canning; I don't have time to sit around." "I got on your website and said 'That is the answer,' and I ordered it and it came in such a good time. Now I'm able to do my canning, I'm able be up and around, and I'm just thoroughly impressed. If you ever need a testimony, let me know!" "I would recommend this to anybody, it's amazing."

Rita FarmerBFST KneeAug 03, 2021

I love your products. I'm a personal trainer and I've actually recommended them to several of my clients!

Customer: 19298343BFST FootJul 25, 2021

The products have really been helping a lot.

Customer: 24468672BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeJul 21, 2021

Thank you for reaching out after I received my leg wrap to see how I was doing. I have arthritis in several joints and have been using it in my knee and shoulder twice a day. I have experienced much less discomfort and increased mobility since I have been using the wrap. It was recommended by my doctor. It has helped significantly. Thank you for your pre-order assistance in helping me to choose the right product. The leg wrap is very versatile.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST LegJul 06, 2021

My wife loves the BFST. She has back fractures and this is the only thing that gives her relief.

Customer: 12846960BFST BackJul 06, 2021

I had bursitis in my hip and I had a cortizone shot which didn't seem to help. This device is working well.

Customer: 23718481BFST BackJun 28, 2021

Your product is great and has really helped me get back to walking after breaking my ankle.

Customer: 21645226BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleJun 28, 2021

Workin great, thank you. Its been amazing, great product. Im glad i got it and its working fine.

Customer: 23389400BFST Foot|ColdCure FootJun 26, 2021

It's doing great actually! This device has done well. My achilles is still a complete mess but the relief I get is mostly from your device.

Customer: 23340766BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleJun 24, 2021

I love the cold wrap, I loved it. Immediately, immediately I couldn't wait to tell my friend about it. that this is something I've never seen before. I have the gel wrap, the gel things and This was great, I used it for the first time yesterday. I was in heaven. I said oh my god this thing, it maintained the perfect temperature for like 20 minute. It was the best thing since sliced bread. I love the cool wrap....Everything about it is excellent.

Customer: 23935978BFST Back|ColdCure BackJun 24, 2021

Your products are outstanding! And my condition has greatly improved!

Customer: 23789974BFST Foot|ColdCure FootJun 23, 2021

They are really nice. I mean, ya know, you don't have to have a zip-lock baggie of ice cubes. It's awesome. It works really great.

Customer: 23118853BFST Elbow|ColdCure ElbowJun 22, 2021

"I'm on week 2 and I already feel a HUGE difference! I'm pretty much pain-free."

Customer: 23497512ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot|Roll TapeJun 17, 2021

Hello, shout out to Megan from Customer Service. Both my interactions with Megan were very positive and professional. Knowledgeable and helpful about various products. She phoned me a week or so after I was using the knee products to be sure I was happy with product and check if I had any other questions. That was a nice touch in the lost art of customer service. Much better than an email. Plus it lead to me ordering another product that we talked about a few weeks later. Knee therapy products are very helpful. Thanks

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Knee|Accessory Strap|ColdCure LegJun 17, 2021

"For my knee treatment it's been fabulous, it's really just been a lifesaver."

Customer: Private RegistrationPre-Cut Tape|BFST Shoulder|ColdCure ShoulderJun 16, 2021

"I have arthritis in one of the joints in my thumb and it's pretty well-alleviated and I'm pretty pleased with it!"

Customer: Private RegistrationJun 16, 2021

I'm very happy. I'm glad I made the purchase and it's working well. I'm on the mend!

Customer: 23137601ColdCure Elbow|BFST ElbowJun 16, 2021

I think this thing is amazing to be honest. I've hurt my leg and I used this thing for two days and then I felt immediately better. When I didn't have this thing and I hurt my leg, it took me almost three or four weeks before I started feeling better.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST ShoulderJun 16, 2021

"As far as the plug-in power and ice product have been working great, it's been making a big difference."

Customer: 22851804BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleJun 16, 2021

I love the material, its a really beautiful durable material... I like when I find a company that's there for you because you know some companies you order a product and you try to reach them later on, there's nobody available. They don't respond to your email, they don't answer your phone calls. That's poor customer service and that is really discouraging. So I'm so happy you guys are always available to talk to and to give advice or encouragement.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST KneeJun 14, 2021

Thank you very much. It really seems to be a great product.

Customer: 22398847BFST Back|ColdCure BackJun 10, 2021

I have been out of pain. The knee, of course, is slow healing but I am hopeful that maybe I can heal it. I'm pretty sure it is the lateral meniscus in my right knee. I am just very active so whenever I overdue it and I start feeling a little pain again it was like walking on a spike for a year every step I took. But now it is just a soreness sort of pain. If I overdue it then I put the cold on and then later on, after it you know cooled down, I'll put the warm on - I've been doing that when I watch TV or when I go to bed in the evening. It seems to be getting a tiny bit better all the time, but at least I'm not in pain and that was immediate. I am thankful... I'll keep at it. I sure love your product; the way it's designed, the way it's constructed. It is certainly worth the money I paid for it just to be out of pain right away. I haven't had real pain in it unless I just like crazy overdue it. At least it's not that stabbing kind of thing that went on for the longest time and seemed to move all around in the knee.

Customer: 22781508ColdCure Knee|BFST KneeJun 10, 2021

It is a real godsend as far as I'm concerned. I'm healing up much quicker than I ever thought possible.

Customer: 23096587BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleJun 10, 2021

You can tell your owners that I'm not usually happy with anything I order customer service wise but you guys are unbelievable. I mean I got the product in a real short period of time, I'm happy with it and my leg is feeling so much better since April 19th when I fell. Now for you to answer the phone and not have to wait 10 minutes for somebody to answer, I am very impressed. I will definitely tell people that have an issue, which I have already been telling them, to get in touch with you guys.

Customer: 22939447BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Roll TapeJun 08, 2021

There's no reason to call me back but I just wanted to tell the company that I bought the ice ColdCure and the warming device to take care of my Tennis Elbow and I am absolutely amazed. It is totally gone. So I just want to tell you what a wonderful product you have, and thank you so much.

Customer: 22756096Roll Tape|ColdCure Elbow|BFST ElbowJun 04, 2021

It's great. I've been using it and it works.

Customer: 22812967BFST KneeJun 02, 2021

They work great. I am very impressed with product, even my wife is. Especially the back unit. I bought three units: one for the knee, one for the leg, one for the back. I just had a visit with my doctor who said "Well, yes, it's showing up in your leg, but it's being caused by a nerve pinched in the back." So I have been using the back to very good effect. It's great.

Customer: 22774382ColdCure Leg|ColdCure Knee|ColdCure BackJun 02, 2021

I have like 5 of the ice packs from you guys over the past couple years so they are great. I love them. I just wanted to let you guys know. Really good because I do a lot of work at the house so then you can throw it on and keep working. Really good. I even have one that's like 7 years old and it's just as cold as is used to be. So this stuff is really good.

Customer: 11633951ColdCure Foot|ColdCure LegJun 02, 2021

Yeah, it's awesome. It has been way better than any I've bought. I'm glad to have it.

Customer: 22773203BFST AnkleJun 01, 2021

They're really helping and I'm amazed!

Customer: 22781552BFST Back|ColdCure Back|Roll TapeMay 30, 2021

Thank you for your good product, I really love it.

Customer: 16378495BFST Back|ColdCure Back|Roll TapeMay 27, 2021

Oh my gosh. They are a blessing. I'm having awesome results. I've had the bursitis in my elbow since February, I've had an injection of cortisone which did nothing. Within just a couple of days doing those treatments with the heat and the cold has made an incredible difference.

Customer: 22751651ColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow|Pre-Cut TapeMay 27, 2021

This was an awesome product. They are definitely making a change in my health. I am really pleased with the products. Really pleased. The instructions are really clear... The icing, the ice wrap is really very comfortable. Very comfortable, easy to use... Very good product. Hopefully nobody has an injury, and I don't recommend any injury, but I would definitely recommend the products.

Customer: 22604431ColdCure Elbow|BFST ElbowMay 27, 2021

I already had a knee device and that worked out real well. I bought it, I don't know 3 or 4 years ago I guess and I've used it on and off and been happy with it. I think you have good equipment.

Customer: 9774777BFST AnkleMay 26, 2021

Good quality product and it does make my knee feel better.

Customer: 22688012BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeMay 26, 2021

I just recently purchased your product and I'm really loving it.

Customer: 22716448BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeMay 26, 2021

Very easy to use.

Customer: 22622349BFST Foot|Pre-Cut TapeMay 20, 2021

It fits great.

Customer: 22698690ColdCure BackMay 19, 2021

The BFST works great. It's really helped me.

Customer: 8903424BFST FootMay 19, 2021

They are working wonderfully well.

Customer: 22586045BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeMay 19, 2021

Thank you so much for all you're doing to help me heal! Best Regards to all at King Brand.

Customer: Private RegistrationMay 18, 2021

You're products work very well.

Customer: 12245106BFST Side Shoulder|ColdCure Side Shoulder|BFST Should...May 14, 2021

We love it, it's very easy, as soon as we opened the box she was able to use it right away. It's definitely user friendly, and she seems to feel that it is helping her leg.

Customer: 22559520BFST LegMay 13, 2021

It's definitely the longest lasting ice pack, it fits perfectly.

Customer: 22457751ColdCure KneeMay 12, 2021

I love it. I think there is nothing better.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST KneeMay 12, 2021

They're working great.

Customer: 22506628BFST Elbow|ColdCure ElbowMay 11, 2021

I love it. The fit is great. I love the way it feels.

Customer: 22485293BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow|Roll TapeMay 11, 2021

Thank you for your email and calls. I am doing so much better now. The BFST and ColdCure works. I am using the BFST the most. In less than a week the the tissue lump has reduced by 3/4 and my pain is almost gone. Thank you, your product works great.

Customer: 22081684BFST Ankle|ColdCure Ankle|Pre-Cut TapeMay 11, 2021

It's an amazing product I have to tell you. When I first started power lifting, I couldn't squat. My knees were so sore so I started using the knee thing for like 3-4 times a day for a couple weeks. Whenever I have a little something going on I'll just use it and it always- I'm 70 years old and it works fabulously.

Customer: 12646444BFST ShoulderMay 11, 2021

Fantastic actually! Much more than I expected. Yes they are working great... The heat thing really is- I had no idea it's so much different then a regular heating pad but it seems to be making a bigger difference.

Customer: 22398847BFST Back|ColdCure BackMay 11, 2021

Works just great. It's all on the mend now. Very Satisfied.

Customer: 22444977BFST ElbowMay 10, 2021

Those things work awesome! I love it. I need one for my whole body!

Customer: 18141189BFST Ankle|BFST BackMay 10, 2021

It is working really good.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST KneeMay 06, 2021

Yes they're doing great and it's actually helping.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut TapeMay 06, 2021

Well I'm really impressed with the follow up that your company has given me since I made my purchase. I've gotten a couple of emails that have prompted me to ask any questions I have and things like that so it's very high quality customer service so I appreciate that.

Customer: 22393410ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Roll TapeMay 06, 2021

It's working wonderful.

Customer: 16778181BFST Side ShoulderMay 05, 2021

I love it. I have a bad case of sciatica. It is just what the doctor ordered. It's really wonderful.

Customer: 22396739BFST BackMay 04, 2021

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