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ColdCure® and BFST® are FDA Registered medical devices. The fact that our products are FDA Registered means that the authenticity of our testimonials is verified, so we cannot post fake testimonials. The testimonials below are 100% genuine and each one is associated with a real customer.

Again, the statements below are real testimonials that can be tied back to real customers and their orders.

I love my BFST wrap! The convenience of the 20 minute built-in timer made it so easy to use. I used it 3 - 4 times a day and after about 3 weeks on a torn bicep tendon, I was able to start a gentle work out! Now I use it 1 - 2 times a day as I continue to heal, and I am now up to level 2 on the controller. This is an excellent in home treatment! Thank you! Carol in Montana

Carol ClouseBFST WristFeb 27, 2021

Love the ColdCure Wrap and the Knee BFST Wrap! I have been using on both knees with complex meniscus tears. On day 3 I could feel an improvement.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Knee|ColdCure KneeFeb 26, 2021

"I have diagnosed shoulder tendonitis, and the doctor was like, 'Get some sort of wrap, and use it a lot.' Google led me to you, and it feels a lot better."

Customer: 21517816ColdCure Shoulder|BFST ShoulderFeb 25, 2021

"I fell off a bike and tore my meniscus in two places, and the doctor said...'You're gonna have to have surgery.' One of my physical therapists...recommended you, and it is amazing. My recovery has been amazing, and I have been sharing the word to everybody."

Customer: 20583088ColdCure Knee|BFST KneeFeb 25, 2021

I LOVE the product. I use daily on my shoulder now for just Maintenance. I am a Firefighter and had a shoulder injury and was panicking that I may need surgery. I used the device 2x a day and over time my shoulder pain subsided. I am completely sold on the product and would highly recommend.

Customer: 20751315BFST Shoulder|ColdCure ShoulderFeb 21, 2021

"I looked at it and I hesitated, and I thought, 'Well, okay, can this really be it, or is it a glorified heating pad?' As it turns out, at least from my experience, it's much more than a glorified heating pad because I've been putting a heating pad on my elbow for a long time and it made it feel better when it was on there and for a little while afterwards, but that was about it... I'm happy with the product."

Customer: 21320920BFST ElbowFeb 17, 2021

"You know, I have a lot of tendon pain where it connects to the lower pelvic bone, and it's helping with the pain."

Customer: 21425083BFST BackFeb 17, 2021

The ice packs are incredible. Those are really, really nice so I am glad I had gotten those too. They feel really good when I put them on.

Customer: 21046412BFST Wrist|ColdCure WristFeb 11, 2021

"I had an MRI that said it was the meniscus, and I went from using a walker, to a cane, to nothing."

Customer: 2433830BFST KneeFeb 03, 2021

FDA Registered

The Importance of FDA Registered Medical Devices

Being FDA Registered also means that our products meet very high biocompatibility standards. This is what sets our products apart from regular consumer goods. Our products are made entirely from biocompatible materials, meaning it is completely safe if the materials come into contact with your body tissue, unlike regular consumer goods which are not made with biocompatible materials. This is especially important post-surgery, because you don't want fibers from a non-biocompatible product coming into contact with your healing tissue. Our products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements for Class I & Class II medical devices. We have done a lot of work to bring you medical devices that are both safe and effective, because we believe you deserve the absolute best treatment for your injury.

Unless you have had Golfer's Elbow you have no idea how much it really hurts, so I bought the ColdCure, the BFST Elbow Wrap, and the Support Tape. I bought these following your recommendations on your website and followed your instructions as closely as possible on each product. I used the BFST Elbow wrap the first thing every morning and just before going to bed every night. I used the ColdCure Elbow Wrap about three to four times a day, but I always waited at least four hours after using the BFST elbow wrap before using the ColdCure. We must not forget the Support Tape which I used every day for two weeks changing it every two days. It took about two weeks of treatment before the soreness completely went away and never came back yet, but if it does I will know exactly what to do. So thank you King Brand for your recommendations and your great instructions. Best Regards Meilleures salutations Charles

Charles CruchonColdCure Elbow|BFST Elbow|Pre-Cut TapeFeb 01, 2021

I have been completely satisfied with my purchase and I believe it assisted in helping to heal my tennis elbow. I used it as directed 4 times per day. Occasionally I had to revert to icing but overall the BFST system works very well.

Customer: 19876071BFST Elbow|Pre-Cut TapeJan 27, 2021

Oh, I just can't get over your company. It's just I think you are marvelous. Customer Service is like out of this world good.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Back|Accessory StrapJan 17, 2021

I love your products. The BFST and ColdCure Wraps have helped my severe arthritis in my hips so much!!! My doctor is amazed at my progress.

Customer: 18796536BFST Back|ColdCure BackJan 12, 2021

I injured both my elbows, one more severely than the other. In the more severely injured one the bursa apparently broke and the swelling on the elbow was larger than a golf ball. The other elbow was irritated and sore but not as bad. I used some ice on them and then hoped that time would heal them. Not much progress was made. I then found King Brands online about 3 or 4 weeks after the injury from a search and ordered the elbow sling with both the ice and heat applications. It turns out it was really too long after the injury for the ice to help, (although I now use the gel packs for ice applications anywhere on my body I need a cold pack right after an injury). I used the heat wrap as much as possible. It is difficult to use it as much as four times a day as recommended especially when I started using it on both elbows. It took time and a lot of patience, but the inflamed and painful swelling slowly went down and the pain is almost completely gone. It works. It just takes patience and consistent application of the heat wrap to help the body heal. I will always keep King Brands in mind when the next injury comes up to foot or ankle or wrist or whatever. It is really worth the expense and I might add not something that my doctor would have even tried. So thanks King Brands! -Robert

Customer: 20032394ColdCure Elbow|BFST ElbowJan 10, 2021

Just letting you know that this product is awesome.

Customer: 19365177ColdCure Ankle|BFST AnkleJan 06, 2021

Several years ago I bought the arm version of it. Two of my shoulders, I had frozen shoulders. Physical therapy did not help, I was in there 3 times a week it did not help and I saw your product and that's what healed me. Just want to let you know. I'm buying this for my husband and my daughter.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST BackJan 06, 2021

I purchased the BFST and Coldcure wrist wraps several months ago. After several weeks of use the carpal tunnel I was treating improved and I continue to use the wraps daily which offer continued relief from the pain I had been experiencing.

Customer: 20211020BFST Wrist|ColdCure Wrist|Roll TapeJan 04, 2021

I ordered a BFS for my knee about a month ago, and I'm loving it!

Customer: 20487065BFST KneeDec 10, 2020

The products are amazing! I used the knee ice pack and truly love it. I have bone on bone in both knees so this is so helpful.

Customer: 20168569ColdCure Knee|BFST BackDec 01, 2020

"I was so excited to read the reviews and read all about it, but I am pleased with it."

Customer: 20448878BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeNov 23, 2020

I must tell you of my experience w/ your Knig Brand Back wrap. About 4 months ago I acquired hip pain somehow. I am very active w/ exercise: treadmill, elliptical, bicycle etc., but this pain made it impossible to do any of these activities. The first diagnosis was arthritis, steroids assigned. A second was bursitis - use heat + cold application. None of these helped and the pain increased, to the extent that even after 18 holes of golf, riding in a cart, I was barely able to walk. On a whim, I ordered your Back wrap; I think I saw it advertised on the internet. At first, following directions, no improvement. The second week, using power 3 some relief. Two weeks later the pain vanished! I have been completely "cured" and attribute this relief to your product, surely, to it, since nothing else worked.

Customer: 18014983BFST BackNov 19, 2020

I'm actually really pleased. I have made some pretty significant improvements. I don't know how my tennis elbow situation developed, but, um, by far and away that wrap has been the most effective treatment to date. Ya know, I'm actually pretty impressed. You never really no what to expect when you order and don't just visit the doctor, I guess. You do it for yourself, do it yourself care. So, you know, I'm happy with it. I seem to be getting the pain has been subsiding, the tenderness has gone away.

Customer: 19887861BFST ElbowOct 01, 2020

You know what, actually, that thing is really superb. It helped me, not even using it the last couple of days, it helped hugely. So, ya, I was so glad I found it. I found it online and I had never heard about it from anyone, I just tried to find something that would give me some relief. It's a very good product.

Customer: 19879002ColdCure AnkleOct 01, 2020

Actually, it's going really well, it's really helping... It has felt the best it has ever felt in two years. I'm like extremely pleased. Thank you.

Customer: 19908798BFST Foot|Roll Tape|ColdCure FootOct 01, 2020

It really helps, if I'm honest with ya. I have a torn meniscus in my knee so I had an MRI and all this stuff. Believe it or not, I was looking at what I need to do to rehab it, and all that, because I can't have surgery yet... I said "ya know what? I'm gonna try this thing." And I will tell you what, I'll be darned, after the first, I used it one time one night and two times the next day, and I'll tell you what, my knee really it just... I'm just being honest, it helped tremendously.

Customer: 19928383BFST KneeOct 01, 2020

Just wanted to say............I love it, sorry that I have a badly sprained ankle but your product works extremely well. I am going to show it to my Pedorthist @ the Foot/Ankle clinic which I am attending.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure AnkleSep 24, 2020

I'm loving it. I've had plantar fasciitis for years and nothing has... I mean I have tried different things that have helped, but nothing has ever gotten it to go away. This is the first time that my foot feels pain free for a large part of the day. So I almost don't even recognize it. I still kinda wait for it to hurt because I am so used to it hurting. So, ya, I love it.

Customer: 19729387BFST Foot|ColdCure FootSep 21, 2020

I am currently using your product for the wrist, the wrist wrap. I just want to say, first of all, its really helped a lot because I have been using it since, I think, May. My wrist has, I'm not exaggerating, tremendously gotten a lot better because I couldn't even turn it certain ways. So it has gotten a lot better.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST WristSep 21, 2020

King brand has changed injury healing for me forever. Then cold cure started me off by cooling things down easily and often. Inflammation was handled in record time. Now using the BFST warp daily and by tendinitis is really just a memory. It's great to have the information support to know to continue treatments to fully heal and prevent reinjury. Can't say enough good about both products.

Customer: 18388237BFST ElbowSep 16, 2020

"I've used it for about two days, and I just wanted to call to say thank you for putting out an amazing product. I've only had it literally for 48 hours, and I just want to say thank you...Today I woke up and, for the first time in a year, I can walk on my heel, and walk without pain again... My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner, and I want to thank you again for giving me my life back."

Customer: 19741817Sep 14, 2020

Hi - the ColdCure Back/Hip Wrap was a life saver for me - I had had a bad fall and twisted every muscle in my back, including those I didn't know I had! Moving around was pure agony and getting into bed especially painful, With the constant use of the hot and cold packs it started to ease within a couple of days. Once the initial discomfort subsided, I continued using the warm belt only, wearing it to bed and most of the day - the heat really helped and I actually enjoyed wearing it it was such a comfort and support for by back. I would definitely recommend this product. Diana Walker, Nanaimo

Customer: 18652350BFST Back|ColdCure Back|Roll TapeSep 07, 2020

I Absolutely LOVE both items I bought- the ColdCure Elbow Wrap and ELBOW BFST Wrap. I have recommended to many other players. Mark Dallas, TX

Customer: 16793243ColdCure ElbowSep 02, 2020

I want to tell the story of an injury to my achilles tendon, that after 14 weeks of ice, heat, rest, stretching, and ibuprofen; still wasn't even hinting that it was healing. I saw your achilles wrap device while strolling through the internet, looking for an aid, ordered the wrap, and waited for this "miracle device" to arrive. 5 days later, it arrives, I speed home, slap it on my ankle, and turn it up to notch #3, totally dismissing the recommended slow migration process, and instantly am totally disappointed! No pulsation, no burning heat, no vibration, no noise, no NOTHING! I call customer service, and the rep has me try a few things to make sure that the device is working properly, and she explained to me that all of the things that I was waiting for the device to do, weren't going to happen; sure, I might feel SOME heat, but everything else was not a function that this device does. She asked me if I would like her to send me another one, and I told her, "no, if this is a working the way it was designed to do, I will just keep it, and give it a chance". Boy, am I glad I did. 4 -20min treatments each day, for 5 days, and my achilles felt at about 70%. 5 days after that, and now at this present time (3 weeks), my achilles is at 90%, no swelling, and now I am working on its strength endurance. This device, in it's own, quiet as a mouse way, has this 60yr old achilles feeling young, energetic, and spry again. In about 2 more months of strength training, I Invision all of my explosion being back, and basketball, jogging and tennis will be just around the corner. Thanks guys for the vote of confidence, your faith in your product, your wonderful and professional customer service, and last, but not least, your INCREDIBLE device!!! AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. Best of everything to your company and your customers! Coach Scot Smith Sr. God bless!

Scot SmithBFST AnkleAug 28, 2020

"I need to tell you this stuff really really works. Really works good... Thank you guys... I have no pain in my knee anymore"

Customer: Private RegistrationAug 28, 2020

I ordered my right shoulder BFST wrap to heal from an injury, because of a friend's recommendation. The feeling while the BFST is in use is relaxing, but I questioned if it was really doing anything. What was happening was a quick healing, my shoulder turned around quickly. I wish I started using this BFST wrap sooner. My I have recommended it to other friends who are amazed of the healing power.

Customer: 18961190BFST ShoulderAug 27, 2020

Its going really, really good. I'm really happy with this product, and without it I don't know what I would have done honestly... I'm going back to work Monday and I haven't been to work in almost five months...Its amazing...When you're using it three times a day with the heat it really helps it heal...Thank you so much, I'm very happy.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure AnkleAug 07, 2020

"Good Morning! Just a brief update. What a great product. I was just thinking it was a great break to have located it. I was doing a search for something to deal with knee pain. My wife tore her meniscus about a year ago. All her doctor could suggest was injections and surgery to repair it. We have have been doing the cold wrap for about two weeks now. Added the BFST about 3 days ago. She is walking much better now. Your products are amazing. We had the BFST, first but were delayed using it due to the USPS delaying delivery of the Cold Wrap. She says the BFST supplies warmth that is very comfortable. Today is probably the 3rd day we have used it. Both are easy to use and work fine. No more pain pills or injections. A shame that these treatment modalities aren't known recommended by physicians. We'll certainly inform her doctor next appointment. Thank you!"

Customer: 19205192ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut TapeAug 06, 2020

The back/hip wrap worked extremely well. I especially liked the fact that it actually stayed in one place on my hip and I didn't have to stay in one spot during treatment. I've improved considerably so I use it infrequently now but definitely keeping it ready for use if I need it.

Customer: 17266581ColdCure BackJul 31, 2020

I just wanted to pay compliments to the Customer Service Rep (Sarah). She was a great help this Evening with our questions. So calm and informative. She is a credit to Kingbrand. Please thank her for us.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure Knee|BFST KneeJul 30, 2020

Hello, I just wanted to give praise to the Plantar BFST Wrap. I have had plantar fasciitis for about 1.5 years. Have seen doctor who prescribed a bulky and impossibly to sleep in boot. Then I bought the Strasburg Sock which worked like the boot but more comfortable. I bought heel cups, orthotics etc. Nothing worked. Then I saw your website and ordered the heat wrap on June 29, 2020. Today is July 25, 2020 and I have no pain at all. Incredible. I wish doctors would know how to treat this common problem instead of offering surgery as the last resort. Thank you for explaining the condition so well, complete opposite to the medical community. I am very grateful.

Customer: 18922190BFST FootJul 26, 2020

Wow - that is great customer service. Thanks Scott. You folks have been great throughout the whole process and have really been the only thing besides rest that has sparked progress for my foot tendonitis.

Customer: 18024309ColdCure FootJul 21, 2020

I purchased the Side Shoulder and Elbow BFST wraps and want to share my experience. After struggling for a decade with back pain I finally worked with a kinesiologist to learn how to heal myself. Free of back problems I now only suffer from random injuries. In the fall of 2019 I strained the tendons in my left forearm hammering in stakes too aggressively. Hoping it would resolve I continued normal life and activities. I'm by no means a sedentary 40+ guy so by the time March rolled around things never improved and were getting worse. I had strained the tendons in my left forearm so bad it became chronic. The pain started to pang in my shoulder, bicep, forearm above the elbow and my wrist strength had deteriorated. My flexibility in my wrist was virtually down to 20% without pain and I couldn't type anymore without shoulder, arm and wrist pain. I could not interlace my fingers and do an inverted stretch of my forearms at all. I knew it was all connected to that initial injury and compounding. Sadly the pandemic of 2020 hit right about the time my injury had become its worst, so seeing my kinesiologist was out of the question. So I thought about what he might do for me, or the course of treatment he might suggest. With nowhere else to turn I started to research my symptoms and came across King's Brand website. I knew it was all promotional media but what they said resonated with all my healing experience over the years. It was solid common sense with a bit more explanation about heat and cold that also added up. I knew I needed both cold and heat treatment. But it had to be really focust and very effective or I might not get the right benefit. I decided to take my situation seriously and bought both the Side Shoulder and Elbow BFST wraps. It was an investment. Trying to save some money, I decided to use the cold packs I had on hand. When the items arrived I could tell that these were medial-grade quality. The media I read on their site was so far, spot on. I was encouraged. I followed a regimen of 3 heat treatments during the day at work. One cold at night, followed by heat then bed. After two weeks I was still not seeing much improvement. But after suffering for 5 months I decided to give it a whole month. On week three my shoulder pain was gone. By week four I could interlace my fingers and stretch without pain. Now in week five I can resume working out without pain and begin re-strengthening my arm. It feels so good to lift and workout again. I'm back to 80%. It's still a bit sore in my shoulder when I do pushups, that tells me I'm not done. I plan on continuing treatments another 4 weeks or until all symptoms are gone. I can't share enough about how fantastic this product is! What really made it work was STICKING TO THE TREATMENT PLAN. But without this amazing product I think it would've taken a lot longer and been MUCH more inconvenient to get a complete and effective heat treatment right where I need it most. These products really do offer a well-designed and targeted solution for hot and cold remedy!

Customer: 18438888BFST Elbow|BFST Side ShoulderJul 09, 2020

I was wondering how it was going to work, but once I got it it was pretty self explanatory and it really does wonders. It really is great.

Customer: 18688593ColdCure FootJun 23, 2020

I have rheumatoid arthritis. I have gone from walking with a cane, to not walking with a cane at all. The products have really helped.

Customer: 18754514ColdCure Knee|ColdCure FootJun 23, 2020

I am real real believer in your BFST products. I injured by left elbow and it would not heal. I tried everything I could think of and frankly was getting really desperate. I search the web for elbow treatments and discovered your products. Upon receipt I was instantly skeptical when I saw I paid so much for a simple heating pad but since I had it I though I'd at lease try it. Again instantly I knew this was no ordinary heating pad.. it really worked! I was blown away. More recently I had a pulled back muscle and immediately order the back pad. Once again success! Now a month ago injured my wrist and thumb so just placed my order for that product. Buy these products. You won't regret it!

Customer: 13215175BFST Elbow|ColdCure Elbow|Roll TapeJun 21, 2020

I'm enjoying continuing to use the product. I think it seems like, considering I've had an impingement for 2 months, everything I've tried under the sun prior to the ordering of your product. I'm really excited to say that I feel improvement.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST ShoulderJun 15, 2020

I'm using it everyday. Oh, it has really been a life changer for me. So, anyway, you guys are always so nice.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure ShoulderJun 15, 2020

My right knee Patellar Tendonitis started during mid April 2020. By Mid May, it went from bad to worse where I had excruciating pain which simply won't heal. Couldn't sleep well during the night. A mere bending of the knee became an issue. I tried all sorts of wraps, cold, heat and finally ibuprofen to control the pain. The area around the bottom of the knee cap (Patella) was visibly inflamed. After doing several internet searches, I came across KingBrand which had all sorts of claims. I'm a skeptic by nature and question everything. I said to myself, "I've tried everything else hence no harm in trying one more thing". I decided to spend on the BFST knee wrap and long story short, after having used it for a mere 2 weeks, I'm able to walk which I've not able to do without limping for at least 4 to 5 weeks. I'm at week 3 of using the BFST wrap and for the past 2 days I've been walking at least 2 miles which I feel is nothing short of a miracle. I'm simply awed by it's performance. It does exactly what the company claims. It heals your soft tissue. I was literally going no where with other modes of therapies. I'm sure I would have eventually improved however not being able to walk for several weeks was extremely depressing. The BSFT wrap seems to have accelerated the healing. During the period after receiving the wrap, I called the company as well as email correspondence. They addressed ALL my queries patiently and helped me understand the mechanism of BFST wrap operation. If you're on the fence whether to use the BFST or otherwise please do yourself a favor and actually get one. You'll thank yourself for doing so. It WORKS ! Period ! It is not a gimmick. There are several such products out there but this one *actually* works exactly how it is advertised. I'm an actual customer and NOT paid by KingBrand to write this review.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST KneeJun 10, 2020

I started using the BFST shoulder wrap on both shoulders on May 31st for rotator cuff injuries. It is June 7th. The crackling noises are almost gone, the arm weakness is subsiding and the sharp pains are almost completely gone. This is a weeks time! Wow. Love this technology. Thank you and Many blessings!

Customer: 18477680Accessory Sling|ColdCure Side Shoulder|BFST Side Shou...Jun 08, 2020

I just love your stuff. You guys, your sites are so thorough. I was just blown away.

Customer: 18396870ColdCure Knee|BFST KneeJun 08, 2020

I got a one of those Achilles wraps, the BFST Achilles wrap, for my wife and absolutely fantastic product. Love it to death.

Customer: 15102332BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleMay 21, 2020

the only things so far that's helped

Customer: 18282838BFST ShoulderMay 20, 2020

I'm very happy with my treatment it's working great!!! I'm telling everyone about your great service and products.

Customer: 18131786ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut TapeMay 17, 2020

I love your products, and thank you so much for the call. I noticed there is Free Support and I wanted to reach out.

Customer: 18084356ColdCure FootMay 11, 2020

FIVE STAR RATING!! King Brand BFST Back/Hip wrap was an excellent choice to relieve lower back pain in my case. My chiropractor discovered slight misalignment from a work related event and performed adjustment. I purchased the BFST Back/Hip wrap knowing how effective the BFST Top Shoulder wrap ( purchased last year) worked for me with a partially torn rotator cuff. There is definitely a healing element I have noticed as compared to 850nm near infared light therapy that works at the intercellular level with deep tissue repair of which I use together. King Brand BFST functions in a similar fashion with increased blood flow. I am living testament as both form of treatments have made huge improvement in healing and also general maintenance to remain recovered. Regarding King Brand, I have found the wraps to be of very high quality indeed as a professional medical device and are very well made with many year of use to come. The support staff is very easy to reach, quite knowledgeable in product design and can well answer any application questions. Upon purchase, I received a call from support several weeks to follow up on my experience and offer any guidance. This takes King Brand to a very high level of customer satisfaction with high recommendation.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST BackMay 08, 2020

It has been wonderful. I know that I'm still not completely well, you know what I mean, but what I hear is horror stories of people telling me that it's going to take 3, 4, 5, maybe even 6 months to heal... I can't believe it. Yes, I feel so much better. I'm working on it and doing it at least 4 times a day, you know my treatments and stuff. Am I completely well? No. But it hasn't been a month since I've had that machine! So I just think if I give it another month or so I think I'm going to be in pretty good shape.

Customer: 18072670ColdCure FootMay 05, 2020

I can walk now without a limp. Still a little pain, but I'm not limping. Isn't that wonderful?

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Knee|BFST BackMay 04, 2020

It has helped tremendously. I'm using it on my upper arms, I fell and I injured my upper bicep. I couldn't believe how much it helped. It's awesome.

Customer: 18003694ColdCure Leg|BFST LegMay 04, 2020

I think that you have a very nice product.

Customer: 18041703ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Roll TapeMay 04, 2020

I'm so excited. These are so comfortable.

Customer: 18184286BFST Ankle|ColdCure Ankle|Pre-Cut TapeMay 04, 2020

My partner and I bought and used both the Knee BFST Wrap and the ColdCure knee wrap. We were both experiencing knee pain: I had a torn meniscus, and experienced frequent pain especially when going up and down stairs or dancing (I'm an ex dancer). I couldn't even bend my knee past 90 degrees without experiencing significant pain. The BFST wrap helped a lot. The product is carefully designed. If you've ever applied a hot or cold pack to your knee, you've probably noticed that your knee is an awkward shape, and the pack probably didn't fit it very well. What's more, you probably had to hold it in place for the entire time you were applying cold or heat. The King Wrap products solve both of these problems. The well designed, high quality Velcro strips shape the ColdCure or BFST pad to your knee and hold it securely in place. You can just lie back and relax. I don't have scientific evidence to bear out the claim that circulation is increased for hours after you use the BFST pad, but I can attest that I did feel better not just during the treatment, but afterward. You may have noticed that this is not the cheapest product on the market. You may be wondering "Is it worth it?" I can tell you that both my partner and I have used the BFST wrap dozens of times apiece. There are not many health products that I can say the same about. I can truthfully say that now I am free of knee pain - but even so I sometimes use the BFST wrap, simply because it feels good.

Ricardo LopezBFST Knee|ColdCure KneeMay 01, 2020

so far I'm impressed with the product and the customer service

Customer: 18119275BFST Leg|ColdCure Leg|Pre-Cut TapeMay 01, 2020

Your product is wonderful, I used it 3-4 years ago and it saved me from surgery.

Customer: 18006233BFST KneeApr 15, 2020

"I like the way the wrap is attached to the body and does not move around"

Customer: 17813488Roll Tape|BFST Shoulder|ColdCure ShoulderApr 15, 2020

I placed an order for $303.85 (knee wraps) which were supposed shipped to me on the 16th, arriving on the 18th of March, only I never received them. I have no idea if someone else received them, for there to be a definite trace affirmed, but I live down a very steep hill, and have for forty years, and not once has anyone dared to venture down tnis far, for it would be too risky, being seen before being able to get back up the hill! NOt that it's the kind of neighborhood that invites burglary anyway. But larger than the surprise that the order never arrived but was apparently sent, was the surprise that you worked hard with the post office to get a RE-order sent to me! For which I am forever grateful, for, with the pandemic, I may have to wait several months before an arthroscopy can be done, and this is helping so much to alleviate some of the pain. I wanted to write to thank you from the bottom of my heart for bending over backward for me. I simply don't have words. Thank you is so small and seemingly so trite, but it is most sincere. I just thank you with all of my heart.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut TapeApr 13, 2020

I love it, I just love it! It's a really great product.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST KneeMar 20, 2020

I really am liking the BFST!

Customer: 20726230BFST Back|ColdCure BackMar 20, 2020

Its awesome! I went through quite a bit of struggle and I used that. In one week... wow! The simplest thing but very efficient.

Customer: 17531938ColdCure BackMar 09, 2020

It really makes a difference, it really helps!

Customer: 13766716BFST KneeMar 09, 2020

I did tear the meniscus in my knee, in October of '17, around that time, and I wish I knew about this. But I've been using it and I really see, I'm starting to see a difference. Well this is a good product. But it's amazing, I said "oh my gosh" I wish my orthopedic surgeon had said "get that" instead. Well, you guys have a great product here so I just wanted to thank you.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST KneeMar 04, 2020

Your product saved my life. Let me tell ya, I tell everybody in the world about it. No really it did. That knee wrap in itself saved me from having to get a surgery. I couldn't believe it. I just, I'm truly like every-time I meet someone that has any kind of knee injury I'm like "you guys gotta get this," because I was told I had to have surgery and I didn't. I didn't end up having to do it. And my knee is completely 100% normal again. So that's pretty awesome.

Customer: 12848988BFST AnkleMar 04, 2020

Immediately I was relieved of some discomfort and pain... I've been suffering from plantar fasciitis for quite a while, off and on for the past two years... and one night in the middle of the night I got up and I just said I'd had enough and I went to the internet and found your site and ordered those two products, went back to bed. The products arrived in two days, and I IMMEDIATLEY got relief!

Customer: 17343400ColdCure FootFeb 28, 2020

It works wonderfully well! I'm very well satisfied.

Customer: 17329590BFST LegFeb 28, 2020

In October, 2019, I started the full King Brand treatment. I really stuck to the regiment as was suggested. There were a few setbacks at first, but as of today Feb. 24, 2020, I can truly say my knee has greatly improved. I still have a daily routine that I follow, using the combined ColdCure Knee Wrap, BFST Knee Wrap, and the KB Tape. I can walk freely with only minor pain when I may step incorrectly. Although, my torn meniscus was probably minor, it was a problem. After 2 shots from my Dr. the pain somehow came back. I do know I still must be careful in my activity. I also plan to start doing the exercises that are listed in your plan. On more comment, at first I was skeptical of only using the tape. I bought all kinds of wraps, braces, etc. They not only restricted my movement, but seem to put to much pressure on my knee, causing pain. Took me awhile to feel confident that the tape would support my knee. This has worked for me because I was able to do the exact daily requirements. Thanks, King Brand.

Customer: 15700728ColdCure Knee|BFST KneeFeb 24, 2020

This product is fantastic. I use it because I broke my, I hurt my meniscus and so on. My cousin who's in her 70's, she just had this problem on Saturday and that's why I bought it again because I had it shipped to her. I mean you guys are excellent in what you have.

Customer: 13189682BFST KneeFeb 20, 2020

"Everybody there is very nice, and I recommend your products to everybody I come in contact with that have any problems with their feet, their shoulders, their wrist, anything because my testimony is that I had Plantar Fasciitis at one point and I had shock to my heels and I had physical therapy and it did not go away. I used your products, and it went away. I had no more Plantar Fasciitis, which is apparently very hard to get rid of and I do cardio dance, I do yoga, and I do cycling and all of this stuff; completely gone away."

Customer: 9602395ColdCure Foot|BFST FootJan 31, 2020

"Everybody is super nice, and the units are pricey...but the cost is like one visit to the physical therapist and it's almost the cost of the unit, depending on where you go...And the thing is, I have been living with this shoulder thing, I had a bad shoulder and I was living with it for like 3 months and I'm like, 'Let me see if they have a shoulder thing,' and I was like 'Oh, they do!' I finally ordered it, and I'm about a week and a half in and at first it felt like it was almost aggravating it, sore in a way. And then this week, all of a sudden, I'm getting a lot of my strength back, and I'm not in pain all the time and it seems to really be working."

Customer: 9602395BFST Side ShoulderJan 31, 2020

This is going to sound slightly crazy but I have recently had both hips replaced (last 4 months) and the day before Christmas Eve, I was in a hurry to get to Costco and took a tumble down one step in my home and fell directly on my knee of the most recent hip surgery. I literally crawled back up the stairs as I could not put any weight on my knee without crying in pain. My daughter took me to Urgent Care (Ortho) and they did all the "tests" and x-rayed my hips (make sure everything was ok there) and ordered an MRI for my knee. There is/was a tear in the radial of my meniscus and it hurt worse than my two hip surgeries (not exaggerating) and so I was sure I was going to have to have surgery however the Dr. said to wait three months and see how it was doing. R.I.C.E for me and also doing some research I came across the knee products and ordered them. I followed instructions carefully and mostly used the BFST every four hours as directed for about two weeks, it almost felt better right away but now it's 34 days from my fall and I am walking without a walker or cane and my knee feels great. I am still using my knee brace for stability but for the most part, my knee feels GREAT!! Thanks King Brand....I highly recommend this product!! Thank you! Diane Beck Missoula, Montana

Customer: 16915979BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeJan 27, 2020

I am very happy and grateful to have used the wrap for my torn meniscus. It helped my knee to heal without having a scope which was booked for me. I am able to go for walks and enjoy my days pain free. Thank you for checking back with me.

Customer: 16161419BFST KneeJan 14, 2020

They really are a miracle... I know there are people that think "Oh, that can't work." I does work. I know for a fact... To be honest, it helped my husband when he had his left knee affected by a meniscus tear. He actually noticed within one day he could actually move the knee better and he had been in such terrible pain and, I mean, it was diagnosed. It was ultrasound diagnosed; he had a tear. I mean, nothing helped him. They were tugging at him and telling him to do this, telling him to do that... Finally, he went to the family doctor. The family doctor got the musculoskeletal ultrasound which confirmed it... For a while he couldn't even lift up his foot to walk. He used your product and after about five treatments it was... he was actually able to lift his foot up again to walk and he could walk up a flight of stairs. Yeah, so I'm a big believer.

Customer: Private RegistrationDec 18, 2019

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your product. In May I was diagnosed of having a Bakers Cyst. I also had some problems with arthritis in my knee. And had a bone spur break off in my knee. Extremely painful!! I had to go to the emergency room as I was in so much pain & could barely walk. I went to an orthopedic surgeon that wanted to give me a cortisone shot. I told him I would think about it, as that was not the route I wanted to take. He said to me as I was leaving his office, something to the effect that he would be seeing me again! I should tell you that walking is huge in my life. I have 2 dogs and walk them 2 miles daily and have walked all my life. This was devastating for me. I went on the internet searching for treatments for Bakers cyst, when I came across your website. My husband read about your guarantee and product line also and suggested I purchase a BFST knee wrap as well as the Cold care treatment. I used your product regularly about 4 times per day. My knee started to feel better right away. I have gradually reduced used the bfst to about once per day. I am truly amazed at how good my knee feels. I would say that my flexibility is back to about 99.5% of my original movement. Thank you for a great product. I have recommended your product to many people & will continue to do so. Thank you again!!

Customer: 14565084BFST Knee|ColdCure LegDec 17, 2019

Upon the advice of a MD, I started doing the Plantar exercises for a year and it did not decrease the symptoms. I am a RN and after reading an ad about the King products, I started using the cold wrap about a year ago. I even take it on trips as we travel extensively. On time I accidently left the wrap behind while traveling-UG! I just ordered another foot wrap so I can treat both feet at the same time

Customer: 13750854ColdCure FootNov 28, 2019

What I love most is that I got it in a couple of days. I was able to use it and go back to work because the pain was so debilitating, and was starting to feel a lot of comfort.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure KneeNov 16, 2019

I bought the Cold-Cure Back/Hip Wrap and have been totally satisfied with it. I follow the instructions, and use it for 20 minutes at a time. It works great.

Customer: 14011047ColdCure BackNov 12, 2019

What a neat gizmo

Customer: 16120832ColdCure Shoulder|Pre-Cut Tape|BFST ShoulderNov 11, 2019

"It's the best investment I've ever made...It really has made a difference."

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Side ShoulderNov 06, 2019

Hello King Brand Friends. The cold cure wrap completely turned my life around. I was suffering from hip/thigh bursitis after a hard sit-down backward fall in late March 2019. When pain began, about a week later, my ortho docs thought it might me sciatic nerve pain or bursitis. I was desperate for relief, had two cortisone shots, and took way too many analgesics. After months of severe pain and disability, I was beginning to think that I had to adjust to a new normal as a disabled senior. Within several weeks of applying the cold pack for any new injury (turning over in bed, walking--almost any activity) gradually I was walking better and suffering much less pain. Now several months later from the first cold cure application, I have nearly returned to my pre-injury life. I tell everyone about my experience and how cold has made it possible to heal from the recurring injuries. With each movement, the bursa were getting re-injured, so heat and physical therapy were the wrong treatments. When I asked my doctor if he thought I would benefit from the King Brand medical cold wrap (found with an on-line search), he agreed it was worth trying. The three cold wrap inserts are easy to refreeze and quickly. I found the cold was never too cold to risk tissue injury and much, much more convenient that any ice pack. Your company is the best. You have given me my life back. I take fewer analgesics, no more cortisone injections, and travel with my King Brand cold cure products. But, there are fewer mobility injuries, and I am able to care for myself and others again. I am no longer so mindful of taking along my walking stick when I go out. I will be in your debt always. Barbara McDaniel Ray, age 82.

Barbara RayBFST Back|ColdCure Back|Roll TapeNov 04, 2019

I promote your product to all the guys at my golf club, it's great!

Customer: 14404675BFST BackOct 31, 2019

my knee in two weeks has felt the best it's felt since July.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut TapeOct 28, 2019

I started them Wednesday and by Saturday was able to walk down the stairs instead of on my butt

Customer: 15774155ColdCure FootOct 28, 2019

Your products are wonderful the BFST have really worked miracles for me. The tape is really nice and stabilizing. It gives you security and movement. Your products are outstanding.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut TapeOct 16, 2019

It's really helped, I feel so much better.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST AnkleOct 08, 2019

It's a wonderful product it's so easy to use. So convenient because you don't have to hold it onto your foot.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Ankle|ColdCure Ankle|Roll TapeOct 07, 2019

I like it a lot because it wraps around. I've never found any gel that works as good as your gel pack.

Customer: 15579874ColdCure FootOct 07, 2019

Megan on the customer assistance line was very helpful and caring. She is a credit to your company.

Customer: 15721680ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut TapeOct 04, 2019

I was very impressed with your Customer Friendly service. The initial package was received quickly and with an option to speak to someone to ask questions or receive help with directions and use. I would and I will recommend King Brand HealthCare to my friends

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure BackOct 03, 2019

I'm happy with the quality of the products, and the speed in which the products arrived.

Customer: 15675432ColdCure FootOct 01, 2019

This year I set a personal goal to climb Mount Washington, New Hampshire (6288 feet) and started training in April. In June I sustained a knee injury from my training as I increased the height and distance of my training; severe tendonitis. I ordered your products and started treatment on my right knee right away; I also consulted with your staff on the healing process. I took 1 1/2 weeks off from everything, while icing my knee multiple times a day. Into week 3-4 I started using both, ice after a short hike and heat after. In addition, I used your compression tape as my hikes got higher and longer. This past Saturday, I climbed Mount Washington and completed the climb and decent in 8 hours for a total of 10 miles. I don't believe I would have completed my goal without your products because I am 61 years old and the healing time for anything I do takes longer. I tell everyone I know about your products now. Thank you for your support for making my personal goal come through. Anyone who has climbed Tuckerman's Ravine knows how difficult a climb can be.

Customer: 14486727BFST Knee|ColdCure Knee|Pre-Cut TapeSep 30, 2019

I discovered online after struggling with plantar fasciitis for months despite a half dozen cortisone shots, and which basically solved that foot problem. It will take a while to notice results, but my diligent 3x per day usage as directed solved 90% of the pain i suffered in my feet. NOTHING else my podiatrist did or recommended resolved that problem!

Customer: 13544423ColdCure FootSep 29, 2019

My experience with King Brand Healthcare has been a positive one and the follow up call with a representative to make sure I understood my products was impressive.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure FootSep 27, 2019

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