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ColdCure® and BFST® are FDA Registered medical devices. The fact that our products are FDA Registered means that the authenticity of our testimonials is verified, so we cannot post fake testimonials. The testimonials below are 100% genuine and each one is associated with a real customer.

Again, the statements below are real testimonials that can be tied back to real customers and their orders.

Customer: 2511173BFST Knee|ColdCure LegNov 10, 2018

I like the product, it's very good.

Customer: 12551186Nov 09, 2018

It works, my knee's doing a lot better.

Customer: 12586660BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleNov 09, 2018

They're easy to use and really happy to have this. I'm really impressed and very happy with the support.

Customer: 8785326BFST Back|ColdCure BackNov 08, 2018

I could kick myself for not noting the name of the personable lady who solved my delima on the phone just now, but I would just like to say what a pleasure it was talking to her, and also how much I have enjoyed the relief your back heat and cold therapy has given my 87 year old back! Thank you!

Customer: 12533528ColdCure FootNov 07, 2018

They are great wraps I mean before I had the blue gel ice pack which you know I had to stand on, at least with the gel pack with this one it's connected to my foot. The heat one keeps me mobile. I love the cold I mean it's colder then cold when they come out of the freezer it's amazing and the boot it fits really well.The beauty of both of the wraps is the fact that you can recline and get your foot up that's a big plus and get the cold and just to rest it and I imagine with the BFST as well having less of a fight to get the blood flow to that region will help the situation.I'm glad that I bumped into your brand, its good that you put yourself up in search engines and that's how I found you. I use a search engine and your ad comes right up at the top and I just started reading it and I was like good lord this makes sense. I spent thousands of dollars to get to where I am today and the money on these wraps is the best money I have spent to date, so onward and upward we'll see if we can knock this thing out before a year. I think we can make it work and I appreciate the guidance.Thanks so much for the advice.

Customer: 12543816BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg|Pre-Cut TapeNov 07, 2018

I ordered your product and have been using things for about a week and things are going well. I can tell that I'm having decreased fluid I didn't know how that was going to happen, my doctor wanted me to go get it drained and take Naprosyn and see a pain specialist but I told her I was going to hold off on that because I knew this was coming in the mail. I'm not taking Naprosyn cause the cold packs are helping out and I'm not using them every day now because I read the directions and the pain has really diminished but boy for a whole month before I even went to the doctor it was horrible.

Customer: 4409438BFST BackNov 05, 2018

Your products are amazing and have done tremendous healing for me. I tell everyone I come across who has a need for one of your products about it and direct them to your website. I know several people who have bought multiple pieces and are as pleased as I am.

Customer: 12545816BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut TapeNov 04, 2018

I really like the way they work, the cold one really helped after I got it, I did it for the first 48 hours and that really helped to reduce a lot of the swelling, I switched to the warm one but anytime if it feels like I've been walking too much and it feels kinda tired or sore I switch back to the ice.

Customer: 12528965BFST FootNov 03, 2018

I'm very impressed that you called and really appreciate it.

FDA Registered

The Importance of FDA Registered Medical Devices

Being FDA Registered also means that our products meet very high biocompatibility standards. This is what sets our products apart from regular consumer goods. Our products are made entirely from biocompatible materials, meaning it is completely safe if the materials come into contact with your body tissue, unlike regular consumer goods which are not made with biocompatible materials. This is especially important post-surgery, because you don't want fibers from a non-biocompatible product coming into contact with your healing tissue. Our products meet the highest standards and regulatory requirements for Class I & Class II medical devices. We have done a lot of work to bring you medical devices that are both safe and effective, because we believe you deserve the absolute best treatment for your injury.

Customer: 12512256BFST Back|ColdCure BackNov 02, 2018

In my piriformis area and my hip and so they fit really nicely in my chair. So when I am working I can sit on them which is what I am doing now and it kinda hits right in that area where I really need it.

Customer: 12250179BFST Knee|Roll TapeNov 01, 2018

Ya I appreciated your guy's customer service.

Customer: 12530987BFST FootNov 01, 2018

It's great. I love it.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure KneeOct 31, 2018

It's working great, I'm really pleased with it.

Customer: Private RegistrationOct 31, 2018

I just wanted to thank you for your courtesy, your helpfulness, your professionalism. You don't get customer service like that as much as you would like to. You're the best asset. Sometimes in a situation, you don't know the questions to ask, you don't know what you need. You made sure you told me what would help without me asking, you put my mind at ease.

Customer: 12163581ColdCure Knee|ColdCure ElbowOct 31, 2018

I love the products, they are great they are actually an improvement over the freezie wraps.

Customer: 12504788ColdCure KneeOct 31, 2018

I absolutely love it. It's everything that it says on the website. I tore the meniscus, both sides, and strained the MCL. I've had residual swelling and inflammation and that has really helped.

Customer: 12543245ColdCure FootOct 31, 2018

They have helped tremendously, they have been amazing.

Customer: 12483953ColdCure Ankle|BFST AnkleOct 29, 2018

The information on the web site is very helpful

Customer: 10738314BFST BackOct 28, 2018

I know the product, I have another one for me that was from my daughter. I'm so happy, it has helped both of us it's wonderful.

Customer: 12517965ColdCure FootOct 28, 2018

They are well made and they are easy to put on and take off.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure Knee|BFST KneeOct 28, 2018

They are, very very helpful.Since I started your treatment program I have seen about a 15% improvement in my discomforts all along where as before it was pretty steady no improvement.

Customer: 12508448ColdCure Leg|BFST LegOct 26, 2018

Everything is going well and I sure am happy I found your company

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Foot|ColdCure FootOct 24, 2018

A girl called me yesterday, she was so helpful and told me some good tips.

Customer: 12162466BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleOct 23, 2018

I had severe pain in my achilles tendon with a lump in the center of the tendon. This went on for about 4 years until I finally went to my orthopedic doctor. I was diagnosed with severe tendenosis which is micro tears in the tendon. I had tried physical therapy with stretching, ultra sound and laser light. None of these helped for more than a day. The Doctor put me in a boot for 10 weeks to rest the tendon but it was not getting any better. Why? Because the blood flow was compromised and until that flow could be increased the tendon would not heal. I started researching options for tendonosis help and found King Brand. I ordered it and within 4 days of using it, 3X's a day on the tendon I began to feel a reduction in my pain. Now I have been using it almost two months and I have an 90% reduction in my pain. I can actually palpitate the tendon and feel little if any pain whereas before I could barely touch it and the lump of scar tissue is greatly reduced. Some days when I am walking I all of a sudden realize I am not experiencing any pain. I also had some mild tendonitis on my left achilles tendon so have started using it daily on that tendon and it is almost gone. The BFS does work, nothing else I had tried before getting their product worked. I would highly recommend trying their product.

Customer: Private RegistrationPre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Foot|BFST FootOct 23, 2018

I"m doing teriffic, I've been singing your guys' praises to anyone I can find. I am going to be writing a letter to my doctor to tell him, so he can tell his other patients. I'm amazed, and it has been nothing short of a god-sent.

Customer: 12468956Pre-Cut Tape|ColdCure Back|BFST BackOct 23, 2018

So far I'm very happy with it. I've actually had some relief. I was having trouble sleeping and everything, and I'm starting to sleep better now.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Wrist|ColdCure WristOct 23, 2018

I just spoke with Megan who was incredibly helpful. She was efficient yet compassionate. For the first time I feel a glimmer of hope. Thank you so much. I am looking so forward to yur product.

Customer: 12206524BFST Foot|ColdCure FootOct 23, 2018

So when I ran across you guys, I was floored. I'm doing well. I'm an active person who is crippled. After my last treatment at night, the BFST is the last thing I use and I have not had any cramps, not a single one. And I thank you guys very much.

Customer: 12473954BFST LegOct 23, 2018

I'm very pleased with that, that's why I keep come back and buying. It's working very well.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure KneeOct 23, 2018

The service that I received fro you is the best I've received in years. The item you've sent me, it's helping.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST FootOct 22, 2018

This has helped me more than anything else.

Customer: 11957775BFST LegOct 22, 2018

Just a note to say thanks for your product as it has really eased the IT Band muscle problem I had for many months. Two types of massages only gave minor relief. Now, I use the leg wrap to only for what it is intended but as opened out, on my shoulders as I seem to carry the weight of the world there

Customer: 12387589BFST ElbowOct 22, 2018

I really like it, I think it is helping a lot.

Customer: Private RegistrationPre-Cut TapeOct 22, 2018

this is great tape, I have been ordering for 3 years or so and the service is also good.

Customer: Private RegistrationOct 22, 2018

Thank you very much. I have managed to get some of my foot pain under control. They are working for me.

Customer: Private RegistrationOct 22, 2018

fast shipping and a great transaction

Customer: 12452998ColdCure Back|Accessory StrapOct 20, 2018

I love it.

Customer: 12474323BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut TapeOct 20, 2018

I love that wrap, it's wonderful.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure Leg|BFST KneeOct 19, 2018

Megan was very helpful and very thorough on it and not pushy. Shes the kind of people I can deal with and I just want to tell you she was very good.

Customer: 12437378ColdCure BackOct 18, 2018

It's one of our favorite things. We've told all our relatives that they need to get one and keep buying them as for gifts.

Customer: 12438692BFST Knee|ColdCure Leg|Roll Tape|Pre-Cut TapeOct 17, 2018

I just wanted to tell you that you are really good at your job. You handled this whole situation with such grace. My mom is hard of hearing so that is why I made the call. The fact that you said you were sorry this happened would have totally won her over. It wasn't your fault that we didn't pay attention to the website description of the product or that something fell out of the box but you started with I am sorry this happened and that is so appreciated. You were very kind, up-beat, and so knowledgeable about the product. All of that combined is rare these days. Hope your day is a good one. Thanks for your help.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST KneeOct 16, 2018

It's made a world of difference in my leg. They were both very sore, I couldn't even walk. It's really good.

Customer: 11720140BFST ShoulderOct 15, 2018

It's great

Customer: 12427623ColdCure KneeOct 14, 2018

it's the best cold wrap ever

Customer: 12411323BFST Knee|ColdCure LegOct 12, 2018

It's working fabulously. I went to my doctor's office yesterday and he looked at my leg and told me to continue wearing it. It's actually working wonderful and I can bend my leg with no pain.

Customer: 12406893BFST KneeOct 11, 2018

It'a working very good. I have a small tear in my meniscus and it's really helping. It's working really good.

Customer: Private RegistrationRoll Tape|BFST Ankle|ColdCure AnkleOct 10, 2018

I've got the cold pack, the heat and the tape I got that last week, I ordered it and it was here in 2 days thank you all so much the ice pack really helps. On Monday I did the ice packs before I went to work and All day I had no pain. On Monday it was wonderful, I cannot tell you it was wonderful like it used to be. I am thrilled with this, it's worth the price.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure LegOct 10, 2018

It works very well, I'm feeling great. In fact I've told a couple people about your products.

Customer: 1159483BFST Foot|ColdCure FootOct 09, 2018

I love it, it helps very much with my plantar fasciitis.

Customer: 11929946ColdCure Foot|BFST Foot|Pre-Cut TapeOct 09, 2018

I love your warming boot- the one you plug in with three settings. I’ve had plantar fasciitis for 5 months- trying the more traditional treatments- compression socks, rolling with ice bottles and balls, stretching- etc. When I read about your theory, it made sense practically given my experience.

Customer: 12376230ColdCure KneeOct 07, 2018

This is one of the best wraps that I have ordered. Best performance and best design.

Customer: 12365769ColdCure FootOct 06, 2018

I love how the ice goes right into the thing and straps around your foot. There's multiple ice packs. They're great.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST Ankle|ColdCure LegOct 05, 2018

You guys are a wonderful customer-oriented company.

Customer: 12301986BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeOct 05, 2018

Your products are unreal. I'm treating a meniscus tear, the knee is problematic. The protocol that I did, I'm already in my 3rd week, it's amazing. I'm back to walking, I'm back to baseline. I'm amazed. My orthopedic surgeon said that he just couldn't believe it.

Customer: 12331580BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeOct 05, 2018

It's working really great, I'm able to walk again. It's kinda different you know. It feels good in a way, but in another way when I walk away from it, there's total relief. There's no more throbbing, no more sharp pain in it.

Customer: 12309786ColdCure FootOct 05, 2018

I really like it, it's working well for me.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST KneeOct 02, 2018

Its a miracle wrap!

Customer: 12358595ColdCure Shoulder|BFST ShoulderOct 02, 2018

Its been very beneficial, Im really pleased with the products

Customer: 12130603ColdCure BackOct 02, 2018

Bought 1 for myself and my daughter. Now my wife wants her own. Very good product.

Customer: 12269126BFST KneeOct 02, 2018

Its great. I use it everyday

Customer: 12325968ColdCure BackOct 01, 2018

Thank you for the excellent customer service.

Customer: 12341228Sep 30, 2018

I received the Cold Cure Wrap on Wednesday. I've been using it since Thursday, and I'm very happy with the progress. That's why I decided to order the other knee wrap today. I wish to speed up my recovery.

Customer: 12322258ColdCure Back|Roll Tape|BFST BackSep 29, 2018

I used the cold wraps for about a week and then last night I started with the warm wrap. Oh my goodness, what a difference it's made today. I had not hurt today, which is amazing. it's working. When I woke up today, I woke up without pain for the first time, in I can't tell you when. I love your products.

Customer: 12242634BFST Foot|ColdCure Foot|Roll TapeSep 29, 2018

I'm using your products for plantar fasciitis and I just wanna tell you, it's been really very helpful and I appreciate it. I couldn't even walk on my foot, I'm walking on it. Nothing was working, oh gosh my foot was so swollen. It's looking more normal now and it's feeling more normal now so I thank you all for that.

Customer: 12307461ColdCure BackSep 28, 2018

I absolutely love it. It's the perfect size, the gel packs, they're just like the perfect width so they're not so bulky. It's great, I really like the wrap, I like the way it's designed.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure AnkleSep 28, 2018

I love it, it working for me.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure BackSep 28, 2018

I'm very satisfied, it's doing a great job for me.

Phil ChatelainColdCure Back|Accessory StrapSep 27, 2018

I recently ordered the Cold Cure: Large Body pad Wrap. Although it worked exactly as advertised I determined that it was just a little too large for what I needed. I contacted customer service and received their return instructions. At the same time I ordered the smaller version of the Body pad Wrap. When I took the item to the post office they originally quoted me a price of $52.00 which I decided was way to much to return an $84.00 item. I returned home and again contacted customer service and after some discussion we came to an agreement on how to return the unwanted item. When I returned to the post office today I found out that the clerk at the post office incorrectly figured the shipping cost and in fact the mailing cost only came to $32.00. I again contacted customer service to let them know about the post office error but they said they would stand by their original offer. I would highly recommend ordering products from King Brand not only because of the quality but especially the professional and friendly service you receive from customer service. Thanks again for you help Angie Phil

Customer: 12308954BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeSep 27, 2018

I love this product, I love the ice thing and I think it's a great product.

Customer: 12264167BFST KneeSep 27, 2018

Compared to what I was I'm 100%, not 100% better, I'd say 90%. It really feels way better. Sitting here at the counter in my kitchen, I couldn't sit here for more than a few minutes and it would be, start pain. But I've been sitting here, I sat here yesterday for like an hour, no pain. It's working.

Customer: 12285639ColdCure Foot|Pre-Cut TapeSep 25, 2018

Seems like it is helping...a lot better than what it was

Customer: Private RegistrationSep 25, 2018

Thanks! Super kudos to Angie! Friendly and helpful!

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure Side ShoulderSep 24, 2018

I've been a customer of yours and you guys are just the best and the product is good also.

Customer: 12284225BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeSep 23, 2018

I love it, I really do my knee it's getting better it still hurts but not as bad as it did before.

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST LegSep 21, 2018

Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service!!

martin winslowBFST KneeSep 20, 2018

i have waited for almost 2 months to write this review. wanted to rate it honestly. started 5 years ago while at work. my knees started hurting on stairs and then kneeing and walking. retired 4 years ago. the knee pain still persisted. tolerable. then 3 months ago the pain increased to the point of me dragging my knee. getting to and off my knees sent me almost to tears. it felt like bone on bone. i started to get depressed thinking i was headed for a knee replacement. it was that painful. went in for an exam. doc said cartilage was good, looked like a torn meniscus. read the KB web page and they said the meniscus is a tissue, it can be healed. i bought it. the doc wanted me to go to rehab at $75 a pop. KB? $150? i'll try it. 3 days later i had it. within 2 days i thought i felt better, but tried to ignore it. 4th-5th day, i started walking and not dragging my knee. i used the porch steps, bad knee 1st. still hurt, but do-able. with-in 2 weeks i was running my sawmill again, but cautiously. still tender. to months later- i'm back to doing everything i used to do. i'm still not out of the water yet. i'm at 90% good knee. i can go down on my knees and get up without pain for the 1st time in years. started at a work out center to strengthen the knee and other parts. I'm 58. this KB gave me back my freedom, and i cancelled my knee specialist appointment. Oh, and my dad bought a KB for his shoulder. suggest cold pak and knee support (mental and physical). costumer service. i thought i had a problem with the unit not working. they sent me a new one even after i told them to hold off, because it seemed to be working. i returned the new one. then i received a phone call at 2:00 on a sunday wanting to know if i was doing okay. she proceeded to educate me on the usage of the KB. great stuff. i received further followups in the later weeks. i've told approx 20 people my story, some just strangers in obvious pain. i'll give them permission to send you my email on request.

Customer: 12258320ColdCure WristSep 19, 2018

It works so good, I absolutely love it. That's a wonderful product. It's one of the best products I've ever bought, it has brought so much relief to my tendonitis. It has taken care of it so well. I'm so glad you called to check because I do, I love that product. And it really truly does help with tendonitis.

Customer: 7767695BFST BackSep 19, 2018

You guys are truly the best. I recommend your products all the time -- great therapy and great customer service.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure KneeSep 18, 2018

Your products are fabulous, I've had this condition for 39 years on one knee and 35 years on the other one, ya know surgery and misspent youth and all that, and various other things you can look at my orders, my shoulders, my back and I just said I'm tired of being in pain and I've got to order the right stuff. Your quality of your equipment is fabulous, I really like it.

Customer: 4768786ColdCure BackSep 18, 2018

I bought this one for my daughter because I liked it so much and I gave it to her and she likes it.

Customer: 12248976Sep 17, 2018

They're great!

Customer: 12200188ColdCure Knee|BFST Knee|Pre-Cut TapeSep 16, 2018

Well I'm really impressed with your company I gotta tell you.

Customer: 12191760Roll Tape|ColdCure Elbow|BFST ElbowSep 16, 2018

The continuous wrap, we just have't figured that out, but the others have been wonderful both of them the ice and the electric and it seemed to help his elbow immediately. I just have to tell you this just really made a difference all the ice packs we made and the heating pads we used nothing, and the first couple days he used these it was wonderful.

Customer: 12242597BFST Knee|ColdCure KneeSep 16, 2018

I love that cold wrap. I'm actually outside walking around. I messed up my knee the last week in July and someone told me that I may have pulled my meniscus. Here it's the middle of September and it was still uncomfortable and I couldn't walk very well, but now, today has been THE best day! I haven't been up this much, I know, I checked my steps on my watch and I have over 2000 steps today. Before it was like 600-700, the minimal. Just enough to go get my cold pack and put it on and lay back down. What a great product, I love it! It was worth every penny.

Customer: 12236090ColdCure Foot|BFST FootSep 15, 2018

I just wanted to say how great both of these items are. I wish I could do this stuff when at work. I do it a lot when I get home and then again all weekend, I'll do both the hot and the cold and they feel great by the time Monday morning comes, but I can only do a little bit at night. It'll just be a bit of a slower process, but it most definitely is well worth the money and I really appreciate it. That's the coldest thing I've had. I can't believe how cold it is. It says in the brochure that it's 3 times colder than ice, and I believe it.

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure AnkleSep 14, 2018

I really enjoy using it. Overall, it feels better than it was and I can even, when I'm at home walk around without any difficulty.

Customer: 9494283BFST BackSep 14, 2018

I've been buying over and over again. I'm so happy with the products and I'm always happy that you call and ask how it's going. Nobody does that, only you.

Customer: 12236007BFST Back|ColdCure BackSep 14, 2018

I love the cold packs, they make me feel really good.

Customer: 12066920ColdCure BackSep 14, 2018

I really like your product.

Customer: 12217605BFST WristSep 13, 2018

Wow, I've never experienced this kind of customer service before you guys are really on top of it.

Marie GrohColdCure KneeSep 11, 2018

She explained SO much about how to PROPERLY use the BFST and why it was important to ICE when there was pain. I was using ONLY the BFST and on way too high of a setting. I now know that I should do a session on each knee in the A.M. and several times throughout the day as prevention and/or to address the little injuries that occur in my old and quickly getting older (I'll be 69 in a couple of weeks) knees. She also explained that when there IS pain I should ice the area before doing BFST and if I do a BFST first the icing will sort of cancel it out midstream and I should follow with another at some point after the icing. She convinced me with literally no selling tricks that I must get the knee cold cure and that I can even use one of the gel packs to sit on when I'm icing a knee if one of my sciatica/glute pains is happening. I'm all about avoiding surgery and the medical profession in general. I don't take prescription meds and self treat any ailments (INCLUDING osteoporosis) without prescriptions. SO I ordered the cold cure and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival so that I can now, after Jesse's EXCELLENT tutoring, tree my knees the way they need to be for them to be in the best condition possible. Jesse was warm, engaging, and incredibly helpful and never once made me feel that she wanted to be anywhere other than on that phone helping me. Do you even realize what a gem that is? I do not often deal with companies a second time if I have terrible customer service, but I WILL deal with companies for LIFE if the customer service is as good as what I received from Jesse today. I can always tell when a company treats it's employees well by how they sound on customer care call. Jesse sounded like one of the happiest and best informed customer service reps I've ever spoken with. Honestly, you will be added to any advice I pass on to friends and family who are equally suffering from knee problems. I have a daughter who is only 47 but has some knee issues. I will be buying both the cold cure and bfst for her next birthday. A little excessive for me for birthday gift $ but she's my kid!! How can I not spend the money to help her heal and to reduce her pain!

Customer: 12192569ColdCure LegSep 11, 2018

I really like it, I think it's the best cold wrap that I've purchased.

Customer: 12185647ColdCure Foot|BFST FootSep 10, 2018

I love my treatments, it's really helping out

Customer: Private RegistrationColdCure Leg|BFST KneeSep 09, 2018

Absolutely outstanding! We had no doubt.

Customer: 12169466BFST Elbow|Roll TapeSep 09, 2018

Thank you for the call. I appreciate your courtesy.

Customer: 939124BFST Foot|ColdCure FootSep 07, 2018

I bought the foot wrap because I had a plantar plate tear. I didn't have to go for surgery because of this wrap.

Customer: 12093814BFST Ankle|ColdCure Ankle|Roll TapeSep 07, 2018

I am actually able to sleep through the night now. It's been helping. I've been doing therapy and my therapy is almost running out. It was still really bothering me so I thought I would give this a shot and it's helping.

Customer: 12178356BFST ShoulderSep 07, 2018

It does feel like it's better motion wise, it feels pretty good.

Customer: 12167601Roll Tape|BFST Shoulder|ColdCure ShoulderSep 07, 2018

So far, it is excellent. I have made great strides in the 4 days that I've been using it. Things have improved immensely. I just can't thank you enough for this. The BFST feels great when it's on. It is amazing and I definitely will recommend this to others.

Customer: 12185787ColdCure KneeSep 06, 2018

I really like the gel packs. It's wonderful that there's three. The material is very nice too.

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