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Advanced Shoulder Injury Therapy
Shoulder Injury

Professional Shoulder Injury Treatment

Healing Solutions for Serious Shoulder Injuries

You don't have to suffer. You don't have to wait.

  • You can reduce the pain and swelling.
  • You can heal quickly.

All YOU simply need is the right treatment.

Top or Side Shoulder?

Top & Side Shoulder Coverage

We have two different Shoulder Wraps that target two different areas. Generally speaking, if you have a Supraspinatus or Infraspinatus injury, a Labrum Tear, or a case of Frozen Shoulder, you should use the Top Shoulder Wraps. If you have Upper Bicep Tendonitis or a Deltoid injury, you should use the Side Shoulder Wraps. It all depends on what area you need to target. Rotator Cuff injuries are a little more tricky, as it depends on which part of the Rotator Cuff is injured. Pay attention to where the pain is. Is it closer to the "top" or the "side"? Take a look at the coverage zone image above to determine which wrap would best target your injury.

For the Top of Your Shoulder

The BFST® and ColdCure® Top Shoulder Wraps are designed to treat injuries and conditions in the top of the shoulder. This includes Rotator Cuff injuries, Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus Tendonitis, Frozen Shoulder and Labrum Tears. They're custom designed to cover your scapula, collar bone, rotator cuff and the top of your deltoid to ensure complete coverage of your injury. If you want to accelerate healing and alleviate the pain, these are the products for you.

For the Side of Your Shoulder

The BFST® and ColdCure® Side Shoulder Wraps are designed to treat injuries and conditions in the side of the shoulder. This includes Deltoid injuries, Rotator Cuff injuries and Upper Bicep Tendonitis. They cover your deltoid, rotator cuff and the upper portion of your bicep. The side of the shoulder is usually difficult to target, but these wraps do an amazing job. If you want to relieve your pain quickly and heal completely, you need these products.

I told so many about it. It amazed me. I told my wife, if I get even 50% use back again i'd be happy, but I am absolutely, totally healed! It's amazing!

Customer: 1528150ColdCure® Shoulder | BFST® ShoulderOct 07, 2015

3 Extension Straps Included

For a Customized Fit

Every Shoulder Wrap comes with 3 Extension Straps that you can attach to customize the fit of your wrap. This makes it easy to find the right fit for your unique body shape. Some people won't need much extension, while some people will need more, which is why we include a Small Strap, a Medium Strap and a Large Strap with every style of Shoulder Wrap. This means our Shoulder Wraps can fit up to a very large person all the way down to a very small person, as well as everyone in-between.

Treating Both Shoulders

If you want to treat both of your shoulders with the BFST® and ColdCure® Top Shoulder Wraps, you don't need to purchase two for each side. Purchase one for the Left Side and one for the Right Side. This will allow you to switch out the components so you can use both wraps on either shoulder.

The BFST® and ColdCure® Side Shoulder Wraps are not side specific, meaning they are designed to be used on either shoulder.

NEW Accessory Sling to Immobilize Your Shoulder

Avoid re-injury and a lengthened recovery time by using the King Brand® Accessory Sling. The Accessory Sling is designed to immobilize your shoulder and arm, helping you avoid the painful movements that can lead to re-injury. Shoulder injuries generally take so long to heal because even the smallest of movements can cause further tissue damage. The Accessory Sling solves this problem by limiting movement of the injured area, which greatly contributes to a faster healing time.

The Accessory Sling can be attached anywhere on your Shoulder Wrap. It's completely customizable to suit your needs. It's also one size fits all and can be worn on your right or left arm. Being able to have your arm in a sling while your shoulder receives cold therapy or additional blood flow is a huge deal, and you can only do this with our Shoulder Wraps and Accessory Sling. This is the ultimate treatment solution for your injured shoulder.

Please note that the Accessory Sling cannot be used on its own or with any products other than the BFST® and ColdCure® Shoulder Wraps.

I love the shoulder wraps and think they have made a big difference so far. I have played a lot of racquetball and now have a rotator cuff tear. These have been helping me a lot. I also tried it on my other shoulder as I have a snapping sound the doctor said I would never get rid of, and after only 2 treatments the sound is almost gone!

Customer: Private RegistrationBFST® Shoulder | ColdCure® ShoulderFeb 04, 2015

KB Support Tape - It's Armor for Your Injury

KB Tape
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Use KB Support Tape between your BFST® and ColdCure® treatments or any time you need extra support and protection for your injury. This is especially important during physical activity. KB Support Tape provides your tissue with lightweight compression throughout the day. You can wear it during any of your daily activities and it won't get in the way or restrict your movement.

KB Support Tape comes in 2 different styles: 2 inch wide and 3 inch wide. The 2 inch wide variety is ideal for smaller areas, while the 3 inch wide style is better for larger areas. This also applies to your size. Larger people will prefer the 3 inch wide Tape, while smaller people will prefer the 2 inch wide Tape.

KB Tape Wide
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The 2 inch wide Tape comes in 4 different colors: Pink, Blue, Black & Beige. The 3 inch Tape is available in Black & Beige as well. There is no functional difference between the colors, they just allow you to express your individual style.

While the 2 inch wide Tape is available in both Pre-Cut Strips and a Continuous Roll, the 3 inch wide Tape comes in a Continuous Roll only.

We encourage you to experiment with a variety of different applications for your shoulder injury in order to find the one that works best for you. There are plenty of examples online. Remember to trust the pain. If you feel the pain in a specific area of your shoulder, apply the tape there.

I am so happy with the wraps and I find they have made a huge difference already. I have a shoulder impingement and have suffered with it for the last month. I just started going to a class that teaches mild stretching/motions for my shoulder which I think is great, but it hasn't been until I started with the wraps that I noticed a huge difference. Within 4-5 days there has been a drastic change. Last week I couldn't reach to turn down the radio in my car without pain, and now I can. I love the ice packs and find the wraps so comfortable.

Customer: 4164324BFST® Shoulder | ColdCure® ShoulderJan 21, 2015

Make Your BFST® Treatments Mobile

With Our Rechargeable Battery Pack

The Rechargeable Battery Pack is designed to make your BFST® Shoulder Wrap completely mobile. Now you can do treatments at work, while you're driving, at the gym, or while you're doing chores around the house. No more waiting around for your treatment to end because you're plugged into an outlet. You can do your treatments wherever the day takes you! The Battery Pack easily attaches anywhere on your Shoulder Wrap and lasts for a minimum of 3-20 treatments, depending on the level.

The Battery Pack is charged using your BFST® power supply and takes approximately 4 hours to reach 100% when the Battery is completely drained. The indicator lights on the Battery Pack will let you know when it needs to be recharged.

*The Rechargeable Battery Pack is specifically designed to work with your BFST® Shoulder Wrap. Your BFST® Wrap comes with the components you need for treatments and to charge the Battery.

Free Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting

Every BFST® and ColdCure® Wrap purchase comes with the free treatment advice and guidance of our King Brand® Advisors. One of our Advisors will contact you 4-5 days after your order has been delivered to see how your treatments are going and answer any questions you may have. Our Advisors have been thoroughly trained on BFST® and ColdCure® technology and treatments. They are also highly knowledgeable when it comes to treating knee injuries and conditions. Our Advisors truly care about your recovery. They can even help you develop a treatment plan that's specific to your symptoms and schedule. While one of our Advisors will follow-up with you directly, you are welcome to contact us if you need any help. We're here for you through every stage of your recovery.

Which Product is Right For Me?

Unsure about which product to use? Want to discuss your injury or condition with a knowledgeable King Brand® Advisor?

Call us toll free now at 1-844-400-2525. Our Advisors will help you pick the right products and can develop a treatment plan for you. We want to help you heal and feel better.

King Brand® Quality

Quality Seal

King Brand® soft tissue rehabilitation medical products are the #1 choice of top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners worldwide. We provide guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. Like all King Brand® products, there simply isn't a better performing option. All King Brand® products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try our products and if you are not completely impressed, you can send them back for a full refund. We know you will love them though because thousands of people already use them and rave about the results.

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King Brand® BFST® and ColdCure® Wraps are FDA Registered medical devices. They have also passed the Health Canada, ISO 13485, ISO 10993 and IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition approval processes. ISO 10993 is very important when it comes to material safety. This standard ensures that our devices are made from high quality, biocompatible materials. These materials are actually safer than those used to make most baby products. These are not simple consumer grade products. These devices are intended to prevent, treat and cure soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions.

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Note from KB WebMaster - The text below is primarily intended to assist with Google properly classifying this page content. To learn more about our products please visit our website.<br>Shoulder injuries plague many people. Shoulder injuries include rotator cuff tears, labrum tears, supraspinatus injuries, infraspinatus injuries, deltoid injuries, ac joint injuries and frozen shoulder. A bad shoulder injury causes shoulder pain. There are many symptoms of shoulder pain caused by shoulder injuries. Treatment for a shoulder injury will cause your shoulder pain to improve and your shoulder injury to heal. There's no doubt that to heal shoulder injuries quickly you need BFST treatments. ColdCure will help with shoulder pain. You can cure shoulder pain and a shoulder injury with BFST and ColdCure technology. So, if you want to heal your injured shoulder quickly, you need BFST. If you want to treat shoulder pain you need ColdCure. Shoulder injury symptoms are shoulder pain and swelling. A sore shoulder can be helped with shoulder exercises although shoulder exercises won't cure all shoulder injuries. Some shoulder injuries require surgery. This heals the injured shoulder but the pain in your shoulder after surgery can be severe. The best shoulder injury treatment is BFST. The best shoulder pain treatment is ColdCure. These wraps are incredible. They feel comfortable. They work.