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Our commitment to quality means providing effective products and superior customer service. It is important that both our products and our customer service meet the needs of our customers. That's why we manufacture safe, reliable products that outperform all others on the market. It's also why we provide our Customer Service Team with advanced training on injuries, treatments and product knowledge.

King Brand Healthcare Products® is all about products that really work. Everything we manufacture we bring to you with the best possible designs and engineering we can come up with. If we can improve our products, we do. That is why when you buy a King Brand® product you are getting the best possible healthcare product money can buy.

Customer Service

King Brand's® knowledgeable Customer Service Team provides customers with information and support related to our products and services. Customers are King Brand's® priority and this is why we have extensive Customer Service hours. Our Customer Service hours are 8 am - Midnight EST and this is to best serve our customers. We make sure we are available to our customers when they need assistance - whether it's first thing in the morning or late at night. We also have a forum on our website which allows customers to ask questions and get answers from our helpful team of Customer Service Representatives. Our Customer Service Team can give you advice on treatments, products and injuries. Even if you don't have a question yourself you can browse the forum to see what other customers are asking about.

At King Brand® we check in with our customers several days after delivery of their order by doing a post sale follow up call. This is to answer any questions the customer may have and to ensure everything is going well with the treatments. We're here to help you throughout the recovery process. Our goal is to help you heal as quickly and completely as possible.

Materials & Safety

Our products are made from high quality materials. The materials we use are chosen for their performance, durability and comfort. The safety of our materials is also important to us, which is why we test our materials for biocompatibility. This is not standard practice at most companies, but at King Brand® we make it a priority. Nothing is more important than our customers' safety.

Our BFST® and ColdCure® products are FDA Registered medical devices. ColdCure® is a Class I medical device and BFST® is a Class II medical device. These high grade medical devices are the safest products you can use to treat your soft tissue injury.

Our Brands

All of our brands represent the best in healthcare today. Each brand offers the latest advancements in soft tissue injury treatment.

BFST® stands for Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™. This advanced technology works to stimulate blood flow in the area of injury, creating an ideal environment for healing. Increasing blood flow while at rest will repair your damaged tissues and speed up your healing time.

ColdCure® is a cold compression wrap with an innovative design that makes it both extremely safe and extremely effective. When stored in the fridge, ColdCure® gels won't cause cold burns. They also hold the cold longer than gels from other companies that are stored in the freezer.

RigiGel® is a unique gel formula that is firm yet flexible. While other gels are watery, our rigid gel molds comfortably to your injury and won't move away when pressure is applied. Watery gels don't cover the injured area well, flowing away when even the slightest amount of pressure is applied. When compared to other gel packs, RigiGel® packs are larger and have much more cold capacity, giving you superior coverage and allowing for longer treatment times.

XC RigiGel® is a temperature balancing gel formula that is a further improvement on our amazing RigiGel® formula. XC RigiGel® is hyper conductive, meaning it moves the cold energy within the gel pack to where it's needed. As a result, there are no hot spots in the gel pack and this means you're getting the cooling power of the entire gel pack every time you use it.

Perpachill® technology allows gel packs to stay cold for much longer. Gels using Perpachill® are 10x as cold as ordinary ice packs.

BFST® Technology

The innovation of BFST® allows you to both rest your injury and receive the high quality blood flow you need for your injury to heal. This is not just a heating pad. BFST® stimulates blood flow from within, instead of just heating the surface of the skin like a heating pad does. There is a lot of engineering and R&D behind BFST®. You can't find this technology anywhere else.

When you have a soft tissue injury, you need to avoid physical activity because this can lead to re-injury. Physical activity increases blood flow, which is good, but your injury won't heal unless you rest sufficiently. Resting completely won't bring blood flow to your damaged tissue. Though rest is required for the body to heal itself, blood flow is impaired when the body isn't moving enough. BFST® is the only solution to healing your injury with the benefits of both rest and blood flow. Use BFST® while at rest to promote blood flow in the area of injury. The nutrient rich, oxygenated blood will work to speed up the healing process and help your body repair the damaged tissue. No other product on the market has these benefits.

ColdCure® Innovation

An excellent example of our commitment to quality would be our ColdCure® cold wrap products. There are dozens of different manufacturers of cold wraps and there have been for 30 years. This is an industry that didn't change or improve for decades, until King Brand® came along.

A King Brand® engineer designed and introduced RigiGel® technology to the cold wrap world. RigiGel® was the first significant improvement to gel pack design in decades. RigiGel® is a unique gel formula which has many benefits that regular gels just don't have. These benefits make RigiGel® both safer and more effective than any other gel on the market.

A King Brand® engineer saw how common frozen tissue injuries were becoming as a result of using gel packs stored in the freezer. That's why RigiGel® was designed as a refrigerator gel pack. When stored at refrigerator temperatures, RigiGel® poses no threat of frozen tissue injuries. And it still has more cooling power than other gel packs that are stored in the freezer.

The small gel packs other companies manufacture just aren't large enough to cool the body, so King Brand® engineers started designing bigger and bigger packs with more and more cooling power. This means unparalleled relief from pain and swelling.

A King Brand® engineer noticed that other gel formulas were watery and would flow away from the treatment area when pressure was applied. That's why we designed a rigid gel that stays in place to treat your injury. RigiGel® won't flow away from your injury, even under full body weight.

There are other industry best designs to our products that we choose not to talk about because we don't want to be copied. We are constantly improving our product every time we make it. You can be sure though that when you buy ANY King Brand® products you are getting the best engineered solution to give you the best therapy that can be had from any product on the market. And we always do it at the lowest price to you possible.

At King Brand®, we care about you. We are all about being the best. If you are not using King Brand® manufactured products, you simply are not getting the best therapy you can get.