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ColdCure® - Effective Relief of Pain and Swelling
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ColdCure instructions

Instructions for ColdCure®

ColdCure® Quality

  • RigiGel® stays in place when pressure is applied
  • Gel formula holds the cold longer than other gels
  • Designed to perfectly fit each body part
  • Wear wrap for additional support
  • Gel doesn't freeze solid

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You and Your ColdCure® Device

Congratulations on your purchase of the ColdCure® device. In doing so, you have taken the first step to a full and speedy recovery. Below you will find information on the ColdCure® device, along with detailed instructions and recommended treatment protocols. Please carefully read through the instructions for the recommended usage related to your injury. If you have further questions, we recommend you call our Customer Service Team for additional treatment advice

ColdCure® Wraps reduce pain and swelling, by stopping blood and fluid from building up in the area of injury. ColdCure® Wraps should be used during the first 24-48 hours following soft tissue injury, but can also be used to relieve the pain and swelling of mature or returning injuries.

Getting Started on Your Treatment

Each ColdCure® Wrap come with 3 gel packs. Place one inside the wrap and keep the other two in the refrigerator, ready to swap out for continuous treatment. ColdCure® gel packs are designed to be stored in the refrigerator. They can also be stored in the freezer, although you should never apply a frozen gel pack from the freezer directly to the skin. Do not apply a ColdCure® gel out of the freezer for more than 20 minutes a session, as freezer burns could potentially occur. After use of ColdCure® out of the freezer, wait 1 hour before applying the next treatment.

Charge gel packs in the refrigerator for at least one hour prior to use. Gel packs may be stored in the refrigerator for as long as you like. When ready to begin treatment, remove the gel pack from the refrigerator and place it in the mesh pocket of the wrap. Always use the gel pack in the wrap pocket. You may want to alternate gel packs part way through treatment if you feel the cold diminishing. Once treatment is complete, place your gel packs back in the refrigerator so they are ready for use during your next treatment.

When to use ColdCure®

ColdCure® treatments should be used immediately following fresh trauma. The length of ColdCure® treatment will vary depending on the severity of the injury. It is recommended that, to maintain maximum benefit, gel packs are replaced every 20 minutes with a fresh pack from the refrigerator.

ColdCure® Wraps should be used constantly until the inflammation is completely gone. After inflammation has gone, begin BFST® treatments to aid the healing process. Should you have any discomfort or if inflammation occurs, return to using ColdCure® right away to treat the the symptoms.

ColdCure® is a great way to treat Tendonitis. For best results, use ColdCure® at refrigerated temperature 3-4 times per day. ColdCure® will help control inflammation, caused from repetitive movements, leading to Tendonitis in the joints. It's best to be at rest when using ColdCure® for treating Tendonitis.

Treat Your Pain and Inflammation

Depending on the injury, a period of rest between treatments may be beneficial. Following stabilization of the trauma, ColdCure® treatments are an excellent way to help control pain and inflammation on a daily basis. For the purpose of controlling pain, treatments should be limited to an "as needed" basis.

Individuals with mature injuries, such as inflammation from overuse, may repeatedly irritate the affected area. Immediately following these episodes, increasing pain and inflammation can occur. Treatments are particularly useful in these situations, as they limit the amount of inflammation resulting from increased activity. Use ColdCure® as often as needed to reduce pain and inflammation.

Unique XC RigiGel® Formula

Gel packs are notorious for having hot and cold spots. Our XC RigiGel® packs help to distribute the cold energy evenly throughout the pack. When cold pressure is applied to the injured area, the gel starts to warm up that specific spot faster than the rest of the pack. The cold energy in our gel packs is transferred from the cold spots to the warm spots much more effectively. This is a valuable improvement as your hot, swollen injury will receive the cooling power of the entire gel pack. The temperature balancing power of this gel formula is unmatched.

The gel pack has 2 different coloured sides: a white side and a gold side. Both sides will give you all the same benefits that our high performance XC RigiGel® has to offer. The gel pack can be inserted inside the wrap with the white side facing towards your injury or away from your injury since the gel pack is not side specific.

ColdCure® Treatments and BFST® Treatments

When using both BFST® and ColdCure® treatments to heal an injury and control pain, it is often up to the experience of the user what combination provides the best results. Typically, if the user is cycling through successive treatments of BFST® it is best not to alternate ColdCure® treatments in between BFST® treatments. The cryogenic effects on blood flow counteract the desired intent of BFST® treatments. It is recommended that you use ColdCure® until the pain and swelling are under control, then begin BFST® treatments. Try to keep BFST® and ColdCure® treatments 1 hour apart from each other, as they can counteract each other when alternated in a short space of time. If ColdCure® treatments become uncomfortable, remove the wrap for a few minutes then re-apply.

Cleaning Instructions - The ColdCure® Wrap is machine washable on regular cycle in cold water. Before washing, remove the gel pack from the pocket of the wrap. Air dry the wrap completely after washing.