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BFST® Technology means Healing and Unparalleled Comfort
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If you've read through any other parts of our site, you will quickly have learned that King Brand® Healthcare is all about making the best products you can possibly get. BFST® Technology represents a massive step forward from using heat as therapy to using BFST® to stimulate your circulation. And that step is huge.

How it Feels

Similar to what you feel from a heating pad, a BFST® device feels warm to the touch. It is not a dry heat or moist heat, it is a penetrating heat. Think of how penetrating you feel the warmth from the sun or the heat from a campfire, it warms to the core of your body. This deep penetrating heat is similar to what you feel from BFST®. The stimulation is not vibration. The stimulation is not a massage. The stimulation comes from a special Energy Web® inside the wrap that envelops your body inside and out with energy that promotes circulation. There is very little sensation other than perhaps a slight 'tingling' feeling at the beginning of the treatment and then a constant, relaxing, warmth from deep within. All the while, your core circulation increases substantially promoting tissue health and healing.

Designed to Fit your Body PERFECTLY

BFST® devices are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide optimum results to each part of your body. You can't take a conventional heating pad and wrap it neatly around a body part or joint. An ordinary heating pad won't stay in place. In areas that it folds over itself it can get dangerously hot. BFST® wraps, though, are designed for each and every part of your body. The built in stimulator in each unit is shaped specifically to wrap around that body part to apply even stimulation over the entire area. The wraps are soft and stretch in all directions to ensure a perfect fit. The units are fastened with large Velcro® straps that make it easy to put on and hold it firmly in place. The cord even disconnects right at the wrap so you can quickly un-plug and move around without having to take the wrap off.

Warms Better than a Heating Pad AND Improves Circulation

BFST® stimulators give you better warmth and comfort than heating pads, but more importantly they work on your tissue well beneath the skin, not just the surface. A BFST stimulator penetrates much deeper into your body than a conventional heating pad. As well, while it warms your body, it stimulates your body's circulation. The end result is that you get vastly superior therapy than you would with a traditional heating pad.

King Brand‘s BFST and ColdCure Therapy Wraps Shop

BFST® Devices are Electrical Medical Appliances that actively
stimulate blood flow in body tissue.

BFST® devices are NOT wraps or braces designed to simply lessen joint strain.

Above all, BFST® stimulates blood flow through your body while you are idle. This is very important because when you're not moving, your body can otherwise have seriously reduced circulation. If you have injured muscles, tendons or ligaments, or if you suffer from diabetes, or other diseases, your blood flow and lymphatic system may be already restricted. It is the oxygen and nutrient rich blood in your body that enables you to heal, so adequate blood flow is required for every ailment to heal properly and quickly.

90% of people purchasing heating pads are actually looking to treat an issue deep below the skin. Regular heating pads warm the surface of your skin. Only BFST® targets the muscles and soft tissue below the skin.

BFST® penetrates you from the surface of the skin to the core of your body while actively stimulating blood flow and lymphatic circulation. Wherever a heating pad will do, a BFST® unit will do better - much better.

BFST® devices are FDA Registered medical devices. They are not merely heating pads. King Brand Healthcare Products® designs and builds these units specifically to treat the underlying problems that cause people to reach for heating pads in the first place. BFST® devices are designed to treat the core problem. They are designed to help you get better and feel better.

Compared to heating pads, BFST® devices have 3 very important additional benefits:

    BFST® Devices:

  • Promote blood flow and rapid healing in your body while idle
  • Provide support and moderate bracing for your joints and muscles
  • Warm and relax your body deep beneath the skin, not just on the surface

The promotion of blood flow has obvious benefits. The BFST® device is designed to be worn even when turned off to help protect your body from further strain and cold and this goes a long way towards making the whole exprience far superior to using a heating pad. Patients enjoy the support BFST® wraps provide their body and appreciate that they are promoting tissue health - patients like wearing them - they know its helping them get better. This positive attitude further contributes to an overall positive recovery from whatever ails you.

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King Brand‘s BFST and ColdCure Therapy Wraps Shop

If you‘re serious about treating your body with the best possible solutions, get BFST Technology® from King Brand®.

Note from KB WebMaster - The text below is primarily intended to assist with Google properly classifying this page content. To learn more about our products please visit our website.<br>BFST is the best heating pad money can buy. Ordinary heating pads are not as good as a BFST heating pad. heating pads reduce swelling. BFST heating pads relieve pain. We have knee heating pads, ankle heating pads, shoulder heating pads, elbow heating pads, back heating pads and general heating pads. ColdCure wraps have reusable heating pads. Reuseable hot packs are a better name. moist heating pads are actually not as good as BFST stimulators. moist heating pads are actually not as good as dry heat pads. Moist heat and Dry heat both just heat the outer layer of the skin. For true penetrating heating, you need BFST heating pads. Moist heat packs have many drawbacks. Moist heating pads are germ incubators. Moist heating pads spread disease. Don't get fooled by pitches about using moist heat for injuries - BFST is a far better, far safer solution. Our gel packs stay warm longer and stay in place. There are many reusable heating pads on the market, but none are as good as BFST for relieveing pain and keeping you safe. reusable hot packs that are heated in a microwave can be dangerous. They can burn the skin. BFST cold wraps don't have that danger. There is only one excellent Blood Flow wrap. The best heating pad is the BFST wrap.