Advanced Tendonitis and Tendon Injury Therapy

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Anatomy of the Knee

Muscles, Tendons & Bones

Muscles of the Arm

Front View of Elbow

Muscles, Tendons & Ligaments

Side View of the Foot

Bottom of the Foot

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Side View of the Ankle

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Muscles of the Back

Muscles of the Shoulder

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Muscles of the Leg

Achilles Tendonitis

Extensor Tendonitis

Peroneal Tendonitis

Iliotibial Tract

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Professional Tendonitis Treatment
King Brand tendon therapeutic

Relieve pain caused by severe tendonitis & heal quickly.
  • Reduce the pain and swelling with a ColdCure® Wrap.
  • Heal quickly with a BFST® Wrap.
You simply need the right treatment.

One Super Important Fact:

If you have Tendonitis you need to stop doing the activity that caused it. Whether you have Tendonitis of the elbow caused by playing tennis or Tendonitis of the shoulder caused by repetitive reaching at work, you need to rest the injury. We understand that this may be difficult, but with our ColdCure® and BFST® Wraps you can get back to doing these activities in a reduced amount of time.

Heal Your Tendonitis Quickly and Completely

King Brand tendon therapeutic

Would you rather keep doing the activities and suffer with Tendonitis forever or take some time to heal completely and get back to doing what you need to do? If you take the time to rest the injury and heal your Tendonitis properly with our products, you will greatly reduce the risk of re-injury and flare ups and you can start living pain-free.

We know you want to heal as quickly as possible. We know you want to get back to doing the activities that you love. And we know that Tendonitis is preventing you from doing this. Without proper treatment, Tendonitis can be a recurring problem that lasts for years. Even when you think it's gone, you'll do an activity that overloads the joint and the inflammation and pain will come back. You can heal your Tendonitis if you use the right treatment. ColdCure® and BFST® Wraps are the ultimate solution for healing your Tendonitis.

Start with the ColdCure® Wrap to reduce the pain and inflammation of your Tendonitis. Use the ColdCure® Wrap until the inflammation and swelling has subsided, then start using the BFST® Wrap. BFST® works to promote blood flow to speed up recovery and heal your tendon damage. If you use these products you can finally heal your Tendonitis.

The Ultimate Solution:

If you Really want to get better, here's Exactly what you need to do.

  • Wear a ColdCure® Wrap as much as possible to relieve your pain and swelling and protect your tendon from further damage.
  • Do a BFST® treatment first thing every morning. Do 2 or 3 more BFST® treatments throughout the day. This will help your tendon heal quickly.
  • Avoid re-straining the injury as much as possible. Resting is hard, but it is very important in the early stages of healing your Tendonitis.

Do this and your Tendonitis can truly heal - Finally.

Dealing With Pain

Painkillers are BAD, Not Good

Painkillers only mask the pain. Without fail this causes people to overstress and re-strain the injured area, making their condition worse. It is understandable that people need relief from the pain, so if you have to take painkillers, try to restrict them to times when you are off your feet. You can use painkillers to help you sleep. Using them when you are active is a recipe for permanent damage.

The ColdCure® compression wrap from King Brand® is specifically designed to treat Tendonitis related pain. It does a superior job of relieving pain and swelling. This innovative wrap is incredibly soothing and protects the affected area from further injury. The painkilling element is incredibly powerful and it works instantly - there's no 20 minute wait like with pills.

Tendonitis Treatment Without Drugs

Tendonitis is extremely painful and debilitating. NSAIDs such as ASA, acetaminophen or ibuprofen are often used to treat the pain but these drugs do nothing to heal the actual condition. In fact, NSAIDs are known blood thinners and make the bleeding worse for fresh tissue injuries. Typical pain medications actually interfere with the healing process. Cortisone injections are used in extreme cases but these too are only intended to address the pain. They do not promote healing of the injury and they put you at a very high risk of further injury.

ColdCure® Devices Reduce Pain and Swelling.

ColdCure® Devices are NOT typical cold or ice packs.

ColdCure wrap eliminates inflammation

For dealing with the swelling and pain associated with Tendonitis, nothing works better than cold compression. ColdCure® technology was developed specifically to address the need for a cold compression device that does not freeze the skin and underlying tissue. As a result, ColdCure® therapy can be applied for extended periods of time, providing superior relief from the swelling and pain that comes with Tendonitis.

ColdCure® Wraps are easy to use and each one comes with 3 gel packs you can charge in the fridge or the freezer. Charge the gel packs for at least 1 hour prior to use. Insert the gel pack inside the wrap; apply the wrap to the affected area until the cold diminishes, then swap the gel pack with a freshly charged one. You can walk with it on and it feels wonderful the entire time you are wearing it.

The wrap is made entirely of very stretchy material. It wraps around the affected area and applies a very gentle pressure just where you need it. Each ColdCure® Wrap comes with swappable cold packs of a very special design. They are soft and flexible and mold to the injured area, yet the gel inside them won't squeeze out of place. You use the gel packs 1 at a time, keeping the other 2 in the fridge or the freezer so you can keep swapping them out as many times as you like. There's no need to take a break between treatments. You can keep using them as long as you want the pain relief.

Blood Flow is Essential for Healing

Improved Blood Flow with BFST

You don't have to wait for endless months in pain. You can heal much more quickly with the right treatment. For Tendonitis, blood flow is the most critical element in rapid recovery. Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST®) gives your injured tendon the blood flow it needs to heal quickly and completely.

Enhanced blood flow brings extra oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the injured area - a requirement for the body to heal itself. Unfortunately, an injured tendon at rest often has restricted blood flow, which in turn limits the body's ability to heal. Physical activity will promote blood flow but all too often it also results in small but frequent re-injury, which extends your healing time and greatly increases the amount of scar tissue that develops. With a King Brand® BFST® Tendonitis Wrap, blood flow can be stimulated in the injured area while you are at rest. With improved blood flow and without physical activity and the risk of re-injury, you can recover from your Tendonitis at a surprisingly rapid rate.

BFST® Devices are Electrical Medical Appliances that
actively stimulate blood flow in injured tissue.

BFST® devices are NOT heating pads.

King Brand Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy Action

BFST® stimulates blood flow through the entire injured area while you are at rest. This is very important because while at rest, an unaided and inflamed tendon can otherwise have seriously impeded blood flow. It is the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood that enables the healing process, so adequate blood flow is required for the tendon to heal properly and quickly.

The BFST® Wrap is easy to use. Put it on, plug it in, turn it on, sit back and relax. Often people notice a slight tingling sensation and warmth deep in the affected area as the BFST® starts the blood flowing. The effects last up to 4 hours, which means long after your 20 minute treatment is over, the blood keeps flowing and your Tendonitis keeps healing. The more you do it, the longer it lasts and the healthier your tendon gets.

The promotion of blood flow has obvious benefits. The reminder of the injury is incredibly important too, because avoiding re-injury is fundamental to rapid recovery. The BFST® device is designed to be worn even when turned off to help protect the affected area from re-injury, and this goes a long way towards shortening your recovery time. Simply disconnect the controller and power adaptor from the wrap and gently tighten the straps. Patients enjoy the support and cushioning BFST® wraps provide and appreciate that they are healing - patients like wearing them, they know it's helping them heal. This positive attitude further contributes to an overall positive recovery plan.

Products Available for All Areas of the Body

Areas of tendonitis

We have products to treat your:

  • Elbow Tendonitis (Golfer's Elbow, Pitcher's Elbow, Tennis Elbow)
  • Knee Tendonitis (Jumper's Knee)
  • Wrist Tendonitis (de Quervain's Disease)
  • Hand Tendonitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Bicep Tendonitis
  • Shoulder Tendonitis (Pitcher's Shoulder, Swimmer's Shoulder)
  • Peroneal Tendonitis
  • Foot Tendonitis
  • Leg Tendonitis
  • Abdominal Tendonitis
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Complete the Healing Process

Keep doing BFST® treatments even after you think you've healed. The healing process takes much longer than most people realize. Even after you "feel better" your tissue may only be 30-40% healed. If you want your tissue to heal completely, you need to rest and use BFST®. Continue using BFST® for months after you've healed to maintain the healing that has taken place. Once you get back to doing the activities that you did before becoming injured, use BFST® before the activity. This will act as a warm up for your circulatory system and will prevent against re-injury.

Combination Therapy BFST® + ColdCure® Treatments

Complete Treatment Relieve Pain & Suffering Heal Quickly

Combination Therapy means using ColdCure® and BFST® in combination by alternating treatments. Combination Therapy is much more effective than using just ColdCure® or just BFST®. This is because you're getting both the pain and swelling relief of ColdCure® and the healing benefits of BFST® resulting in the absolute best treatment for your Tendonitis.

Step 1

Use the ColdCure® wrap for at least 2 straight days before using the BFST® wrap. This will help reduce not only the visible swelling you may see on the surface, but also the inflammation you may have and cannot see, deep down in the soft tissue.

Step 2

Combination Therapy is Coldcure and BFST Together

Avoid using the BFST® wrap until your inflammation and swelling has subsided. Start your BFST® treatments on Level 1. For maximum benefit, please take into consideration that each 20 minute treatment optimizes your blood circulation for an average of 4 hours. We recommend 3-4 treatments daily, spread throughout the day. During the day, do a BFST® treatment every 4 hours or before any type of physical activity. This can include anything that puts a strain on the injured area (walking, standing for extended periods, etc). This can also be used for preventative measures after a full recovery to optimize your blood flow.

Step 3

Do a ColdCure® treatment any time you experience a pain flare-up or after any physical activity to prevent further injury and reduce swelling and inflammation. 30-45 minutes after your ColdCure® treatment, follow with another BFST® treatment. This time will allow the blood flow and body temperature to regulate again. Refrain from using ColdCure® within the 4 hours following your 20 minute BFST® treatment. This will counteract the treatment. If necessary, use the ColdCure® wrap for pain control, then follow up with another BFST® treatment.

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Accessory Strap

For even more relief of pain and swelling, attach an Accessory Strap to your ColdCure® wrap. This simple little addition allows you to increase the compression and support in any area of the wrap. It sticks anywhere on the surface of the wrap to target the exact location of your injury that much better.

The Accessory Strap is included with all ColdCure® & BFST® Shoulder Wraps. For all other products, the Accessory Strap can be purchased on our Shop page.

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Medical Function - BFST® Wrap - Accelerated Healing

KingBrand BFST Animated

BFST® Wraps are FDA Registered Class II medical devices. Class II devices are serious medical devices with very high standards of quality, safety, and performance. Class II medical devices have hundreds of pages of regulations and standards to keep you safe and ensure effective treatments. This is a medical device, not a 'consumer good', but it is available to the public to buy and use at home.

The Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST®) Wrap is designed to promote blood flow in injured tissue below the dermal (fat and skin) layer. Utilizing our proprietary Energy Web®, specially controlled EMR energy envelops the injured body part and stimulates blood flow in the soft tissue deep beneath the skin. The resulting blood flow brings oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the injured tendon, accelerating the healing process.

KingBrand BFST Controller

BFST® Wraps have 3 different power levels, so you can continue to increase the power of your treatments as your Tendonitis heals. During your first treatment, the injured area will feel quite warm. This is because at first, your circulation is poor. The more treatments you do, the less warming sensation you will feel. This is good. As the warmth lessens from treatment to treatment, this is an indication that the circulation in the injured area is improving. Better circulation means blood flow all the time, not just during treatments. This is the goal. When you feel very little warmth during a treatment, it is time to move up to the next power level. Don't rush it though, more heat does not mean better treatment. In fact, less heat means better treatment, so take your time moving up in levels.

This is not a heating pad. Heating pads only heat the surface of the skin. Heating the surface of the skin does nothing to heal the damaged tissue below the dermal layer. BFST® penetrates deep below the skin to stimulate blood flow in the area of injury, creating an ideal environment for healing. The difference is significant.

KingBrand Elbow BFST

The Energy Web® of the BFST® Tendonitis device is enclosed in a soft, comfortable neoprene wrap. The wrap shapes the Energy Web® to mold around the entire body part to ensure that there is an even distribution of energy over the entire injured area. The wrap is opened and closed using attached Velcro® straps that ensure a perfect fit. After treatment the straps can be further tightened to provide snug support and protection for the injured area. The device disconnects at the wrap from the power supply and controller so that you are free to move around your home when not receiving treatment.

Unique XC RigiGel® Formula

ColdCure RigiGel eliminates hot spots

Gel packs are notorious for having hot and cold spots. Our XC RigiGel® formula helps to distribute the cold energy evenly throughout the gel pack. When cold pressure is applied to the injured area, the gel starts to warm up in that specific spot faster than the rest of the pack. The cold energy in our gel packs is transferred from the cold spots to the warm spots much more effectively. This is a valuable improvement as your hot, swollen injury will receive the cooling power of the entire pack. The temperature balancing power of this gel formula is unmatched.

These gel packs have 2 different coloured sides: a white side and a gold side. Both sides will give you all the same benefits that our high performance XC RigiGel® has to offer. XC gel packs can be inserted inside the wrap with the white side facing towards the injured area or away from the injured area since they are not side specific.

Medical Function - ColdCure® Wrap - Pain and Swelling Relief

ColdCure® Wraps are FDA Registered Class I medical devices. These medical grade cold compression wraps are designed for home use. Cold and compression applied to an area with Tendonitis immediately reduces the risk of further damage from excessive swelling. Doctors and Therapists agree that controlling swelling is a fundamental part of reducing long term permanent damage resulting from a soft tissue injury. The ColdCure® Wrap exceeds all government and health agency regulatory requirements for cold therapy specifically for use in treating soft tissue injuries.

Rest, Cold, Compression, Elevation

Most people think that RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation is the formula to follow when treating a soft tissue injury, but the proper solution is actually RCCE® - Rest, Cold, Compression & Elevation. You don't want to apply ice, you want to apply cold that is just above freezing. Yes, you want cold - and lots of it - but not so cold that it is below the freezing point of water. The truth is that temperatures below freezing can be too cold to effectively relieve pain and swelling. And these temperatures can also be dangerous. Ice (and other freezer based substitutes such as the blue ice pack) can actually freeze your skin and numb your nerves, causing 'cold burns' and even permanent damage to your underlying tissue.

While we recommend that you start by using them at refrigerator temperatures, you can store the XC RigiGel® packs in the freezer and use them as freezer packs. Even at the coldest freezer temperatures they retain all their flexibility and cold capacity. In terms of flex and form they feel exactly the same at room temperature as they do from the freezer.

King Brand Time To Heal

Each ColdCure® Wrap comes with 3 gel packs that contain 10x more gel than other packs, for maximum coverage of the injured area. This means your Tendonitis will receive a targeted, consistent cold treatment every time. When stored in the freezer, our XC® gel packs have 3x more cooling power than standard gel packs. This means they stay cold longer so you won't have to swap the gels as often. Longer treatment times and more cold power means superior control of pain and swelling.

ColdCure coverage zone

The ColdCure® gel pack is enclosed in a soft, comfortable neoprene wrap. We do not use one common gel pack in all our wraps - each body part is shaped differently and each body part deserves a custom designed pack if it's going to work the best. No other wrap in the world has specifically designed cold packs for each and every part of the body. The wrap molds the cold pack around the entire body part to ensure that there is an even distribution of cooling power over the entire injured area. This product has in every way been designed to be 100% a Tendonitis treatment device.

King Brand® Quality

Rest, Cold, Compression, Elevation

King Brand® soft tissue rehabilitation medical products are the #1 choice by top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners worldwide. We provide guaranteed results and customer satisfaction. Like all King Brand® products, there simply isn't a better performing option. All King Brand® products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try our products and if you are not completely impressed, you can send them back for a full refund. We know you will love them though, because thousands of people already use them and rave about the results.

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King Brand's® ColdCure® and BFST® products are FDA Registered medical devices. They are intended to prevent, treat and cure soft tissue injuries and chronic conditions. Part of being an FDA Registered company means that our products are made from high quality, biocompatible materials. These devices are manufactured and tested to the highest safety standards in the industry.

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Note from KB WebMaster - The text below is primarily intended to assist with Google properly classifying this page content. To learn more about our products please visit our website.<br>Tendonitis is inflammation or injury to a Tendon. Most commonly Tendonitis is from repetitive strain injury - or an over worked tendon in layman's terms. Achilles Tendonitis is the most common form of Tendon injury though tendonitis of all the other tendons in your body plagues millions of people. The pain of tendonitis is real. A swollen tendon hurts a lot and stops you from being active. Tendon injury is the most common form of sports injury. When you have an injured tendon you nead to let the tendon heal. To speed up the healing, to heal as fast as possible, you need to treat your tendon with BFST treatments. BFST treatments help your tendon heal quickly. Coldcure treatments help relieve pain. Relieve tendon pain by using a coldcure wrap many times each day. Symptoms of tendon injuries are cured by coldcure treatments. Tendonitis is painful. Tendonitis can be treated. You can heal tendonitis quickly and you can treat tendonitis completely with the proper treatment. An injured tendon needs to be treated quickly to heal properly. BFST and Coldcure treatments are natural treatments that help you heal fast. We have BFST and Coldcure wraps for ankle tendons, elbow tendonitis, achilles tendonitis, leg tendons, tendon tendons, for every tendon in the body. If you have tendonitis (or tendinosis) we have a treatment. Some people spell it tendinitis but more commonly tendinitis means tendonitis. They are the same thing. Tendinosis is the inflammation of the tendon sheath that surrounds the tendon. Tendinosis is RSI. Tendinitis can also be cause by over stretching or a sudden injury causing a tendon tear. Tendon tears can be partial tendon tears or complete tendon tears. A complete tendon tear needs to be treated with Tendon Surgery. It's interesting how popular these products are, from Toronto Ontario to Los Angeles California the reviews are excellent. King Brand Products Work!