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A Summary of Our Business

King Brand Logo

King Brand® has been the proud manufacturer and seller of high quality medical devices since 2007.

Our goal is to help people relieve their pain, heal their injury and reclaim their mobility and active lifestyle.

King Brand® finds and utilizes the best resources to bring you the safest and most effective healthcare products we can. Our focus is solely on developing and marketing medical devices for the treatment and prevention of soft tissue injury and disease.

Customer Service

Professional Consulting

Our dedicated team of Treatment Advisors are thoroughly trained on product and injury knowledge to help support your recovery. Your healing is important to us. At King Brand®, our customers receive free professional consulting services by our trained King Brand® Advisors. If you're not sure when you should use the products, our Advisors can help you create a treatment plan that is unique to your schedule. If you don't know which product is right for you, they can help you pick the correct products for your injury or condition. If you would like to speak with an Advisor, please feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-844-400-2525. We're here for you every step of the way.

Engineering and R&D

King Brand Engineering and R&D

We spend heavily on R&D (Research & Development) because we are committed to bringing you the best products you can get anywhere in the world. Our R&D is done in-house and we are constantly working on making our products even better. Whether it's a new gel formula or a new wrap design, we are always trying to improve our products.


King Brand Factory

We inspect every factory regularly and only use factories that specialize in manufacturing each part of our product. There are around 6 different factories making components for any given King Brand® product. Each order we place with a factory is inspected before it is shipped to us. Our BFST®, ColdCure® and KB Support Tape products are made with medical grade materials that are biocompatible. While many of our components are manufactured in other countries, the final product is manufactured at our headquarters in Canada, and this is reflected in the high quality of our products. We only use the best materials and the best factories because we want to make the best possible products for you.

Regulatory Compliance

King Brand Regulatory

Our BFST® Wraps, ColdCure® Wraps and KB Support Tape are FDA Registered medical devices -- ColdCure® and KB Support Tape are Class I medical devices and BFST® is a Class II medical device. These products have been designed, manufactured and tested to meet very high standards of quality, safety and performance. This is just part of the significance of being FDA Registered. We work with medical professionals, regulatory bodies and government agencies to ensure the highest quality medical grade products.

Click here to review our FDA Registration information on the FDA website

Shipping & Order Fulfillment

King Brand Warehousing

You can purchase our products directly from us through this website or give us a call and we will place the order for you over the phone.

We also have a number of resellers located throughout Ontario and several in the U.S. Click here to visit our Reseller Map page or give us a call toll-free at 1-844-400-2525 to find the closest retail location.

King Brand® has U.S. fulfillment centers located in California, Georgia and New York. We also ship orders from our locations in Washington state, Vancouver and Ontario. Our system picks the closest center to you, so your order will always ship as quickly as possible. We won't just use any fulfillment company -- these facilities must meet our standards or we won't use them.

Distribution Partners

King Brand Marketing

King Brand® products are also marketed and sold through MendMeShop.com under the brands Freezie™ and Inferno™ Wraps. They have also taken over the sale of our line of Shoulder products. MendMeShop® has exceptional customer service to answer your questions and to provide services both before and after the sale. Every single Inferno™ Wrap and Freezie™ Wrap they sell comes from King Brand®, so you can be sure that when you buy these products you are getting King Brand® quality inside every wrap. By using partners that do what they do best, we can spend our time at King Brand® doing what we do best, and that is designing and manufacturing the best therapeutic devices possible.

Legal Services

King Brand Legal

Why even mention Legal Services? Lawyers play a big role in business these days. For all the services we get from other companies, we need to sign contracts to ensure that we get a firm commitment that they are going to provide the quality of service we require. This means a lot of contracts and that means a lot of legal services. We also protect our R&D using both the patent process and proprietary trade secrets. We use trademarks to protect our property and copyright law protects our websites and communications.

We put a lot of effort into bringing you the best possible products and, if anyone infringes on our technology or steals our website content or doesn't live up to the level of service they agreed to, we make sure that we are protected. In turn, this protects you, our customer. If you buy a King Brand® product you can be sure it is truly the best product available anywhere, because we make sure all the companies we hire live up to the quality we expect. We use the best law firms in their field and, at any one time, we probably have several different law firms engaged all over the world -- and they are all working towards what is best for King Brand® and for our customers.

What Is Done In-House?

King Brand Quality

We do R&D, manufacturing and customer support in-house. When you call us, one of our Customer Service Representatives will answer from either Collingwood, Ontario or Burnaby, British Columbia. You won't be redirected to a call center.

We spend a signficant amount of our time asking and answering one question: "What can we do to make our products better?" We ask ourselves this question. We ask our partners this question. We ask the end users of our products this question.

And we listen to all the answers we get. We use all of the incredible resources we've mentioned to make our products better. We make sure we engineer the best solutions. We make sure we manufacture with the best quality and lowest price. We make sure we protect our intellectual property and hold our suppliers accountable. We make sure you get the best possible product in every way possible.

Note from KB WebMaster - The text below is primarily intended to assist with Google properly classifying this page content. To learn more about our products please visit our website.<br>King Brand has been manufacturing and selling medical devices since 2007. Our Treatment Advisors can help you pick the right products and answer your questions. Our Advisors are devoted to helping you with your recovery. We invest in engineering and R&D so we can bring you the best possible products. We inspect our manufacturing facilities regularly and only use the best ones. Our devices are made from high quality, biocompatible materials. The King Brand ColdCure and BFST Wraps are FDA Registered medical devices. KB Support Tape is also medical grade. You can order from us via the website or over the phone. We have several distribution centers throughout the U.S. as well as our locations in Ontario, Vancouver and Washington. We have resellers that are located in Ontario and the U.S. if you would like to buy in-person. We have a distribution partner who has taken over the sale of our Shoulder products. We protect our intellectual property and make sure our suppliers meet our high standards. We do our R&D, customer support and manufacturing in-house. We are always striving to improve our products.